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MG MGF Technical - map sensor

can someone point me in the right direction off the mapsensor its in the back. but where is it. also is it easy to get clean...

darren j
Darren Jeffery

from memory on earlier posts, you don't have a VVC, do you ?

There's no MAP sensor at the 120bhp engine :)

In a 97 F, the map sensor is in the ecu unit at the back LHS on the engine comparment/boot wall

thanks dieter yep i dont have a vvc my car its 2001 1.8 k sorry just concerned as sometimes i get a judder stutter, when driving not all the time .. darren
Darren Jeffery

If it is 2001 it will be EU3, these engines have a combined MAP and IAT sensor on the top of the inlet plenum.

I have a few spares here if yours is b*ggered and i am just up the road from you.

Dave Andrews

hi dave would this correct the stuttering i am getting in 3rd gear at the moment. happened last night i have noticed the f 2001 plate does not have a rotary arm and dis cap ...

could you point me in the right direcrion leads etc etc

thank you
darren jeffery
Darren Jeffery

As mentioned by Dave, it's located on the top of the inlet plenum.

You need to remove the engine cover (11 bolts) to get there.

On the other hand there could be also an intermittant problem with any other sensor, or the connector to the ECU.
The ECT Sensor (Engine Coolant) gets in my mind.

I'm sorry not much help.


hi had a really wired sensation this morning my car
was miss firing from cold in 1st 2nd 3rd gears it seems like fuel starvation i bliped the throttle i had a small dead spot on the throttle.

can you help me out please i have been given a map sensor not fiited at the moment .

my leads have have never been changed bought its a 51 plate my plugs where changed at 51000 the car has done 61800 they are mg platium.plugs air filter changed and oil filter

sorry for rambling on

could someone get back to asap thank you
Darren Jeffery

If Dave Andrews can't diagnose and fix it(12th Feb post offering assistance) - then nobody can.
C.R.B. Simeon

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