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MG MGF Technical - Master Cylinder Brace

Anyone else fitted the Brown and Gammons brake master cylinder brace as featured in MG Car Club mag. MGF section about 6 months ago?

I have one fitted and it made a dramatic difference to the car.

The pedals no longer shake around if you hit a large pothole, and the car seems to suffer less from skuttle shake.

Fitting was not as easy as the article made out as you have to drill two holes into the bulkhead, and thread your drill bit between the brake pipes.

Yes - lots in the archive on this. Long recent discussion.....

David, what should I look under? I think I have missed out..

I am very interested..

tried searching 'master cylinder'
'brace' etc. no luck.
Hanah Kim

try 'servo bracket' ....

I have looked it up in the archive, and there is a great deal of detail discussion of the difficulty in fitting the brace, but no information on how it improves the car.
It is a very worthwhile modification for a relatively small sum.
When I drilled my holes in the bulkhead, I bound the drill bit used in tape to protect the vulnerable brake pipes I was threading it through. I would suggest using a similar method to anyone else attempting this.
Also you need to ensure that the drill only just pierces the bulhead. I did not remove the glove box, but it is a little difficult to locate the bolts without. ie. you need to be upside down in the passenger footwell.

Hanah, have a look at

Shows the 'before and after' - just make sure you are sitting down first! ;o))

Slightly tricky to fit, as David says, access behind the glove box is a little restricted, and the biggest problem I had was trying not to cross-thread the bolts when re-inserting them because getting alignment sorted was a tad tricky- but all is explained in the text.

David, did you notice that the picture reproduced in SF was upside down?
Rob Bell

The article is Safety Fast was a little inaccurate to say the least! Picture upside down and no mention of having to drill holes.

I had to chuckle! ;o)

Paul has written a very nice instruction list, which I embellished with pictures as I followed them. Found on the aforemention link:

Anything to add to that David? Nice tip about wrapping the drill with tape BTW. :o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 15/03/2002 and 21/03/2002

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