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MG MGF Technical - Mayonnaise in oil – is it the HG

Just checked my oil (changed 2K ago, engine covered 10K) and find traces of emulsification on the dip stick. Is this early signs of HGF (paranoid me) or does it mean I’ve done at lot of short, cold trips lately! Water temp/level/oil etc all OK and if it is a potential HGF how do I persuade my dealer to do something (its under warranty)

Thanks all
John Roach

Simple just take the car in and say you want it checked immediately and if they wont check it then you want them to sign a piece of paper guaranteeing to fix it free of charge should the gasket blow at a later date.

Ted Newman

Did the Dealer use a tin of flushing oil during your oil change? If you do mainly short journeys it is worth having this done at the time.
Also perhaps consider using Fully Synthetic oil instead
of the usual Semi-Synthetic that the Dealers usually use.
Keep a Close Eye on the Coolant Reservoir, Hopefully not the start of HGF....

This thread was discussed on 16/01/2001

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