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MG MGF Technical - MESH KITS

hi i am looking to get a bright mesh kit from mgf center. i can fit the rear mesh on the car no probs
but the fronts i am not so sure what the best way to get the round the problem ...

darren in milton keynes

Whip the front bumper off and there are screws holding it on.

DJC Dorrell

Darren, as Duncan says it is as easy as that but if I were you give them a coat of lacquer first.
Best regards Adrian
A Clifford

Is whipping the front bumper off easy?


>> is whipping the front bumper off easy?<<.
NO........ pain in the A**e.

Remove.......5 screws front panel under bonnet.
2 screws each side wheel arch liner to wing.
1 screw each side wing to bumper(high up inside wheel arch).
2 bolts behind indicators.

And in true "haynes" is reverse of above!.

Ye it is very easy me and a mate did my one on monday and it took 35mins to do and it looks a lot better than the black ones but as said do lacquer first it stops them going dull and also i think makes them look better.




Getting the indicator units out to gain access to the two bolts can be a bit tricky. Use a long thin screwdriver to release the plastic catches and they should pop out. Have patience!

Be sure to put a sheet in front of the car to lay the front assembly on when it has been removed.

I assume you are also going to replace the side air vents as well. These are a doddle.

Sam Murray

I rencently bought a rear grill piece from ebay. Not that impressed with it as theirs no cut out for the rear towing hook!? What did you use to vut the mesh with? Also gonna need to borrow a pop rivet gun!!!

I also bought a rear grille from ebay. It does have a cut out section for the towing hook though.

I fixed it in place with square nuts from Halfords. Just cliped them along the underside of the exhaust heatshield, use them like paperclips !!
No riviting required.

They have not moved since I out them on.

The front grille on my ZS was held on in the same way.

>Use a long thin screwdriver to release the plastic catches and they should pop out.

To expand on this - DO NOT TRY TO LEAVER THE LIGHTS OUT, the clip pushes sideways and the lights will jump out, if you are not doing it right then they will not pop and the levering action will snap the clips.

If it doesn't pop out easily then try the other side and look at the clip for reference.
Will Munns

Tim Woolcott's bumper removal instructions can be found here:

As Al found, takes about 1/2 an hour to do :o)
Rob Bell

If you do however end up breaking the clips (AND THEY BREAK BL**DY EASILY!) all is not lost. When I had a crash recently, both front indicators popped out, and both clips were broken. Instead of forking out for 2 new indicators, I used 1 blob of silicone sealant (the stuff you use for your bath) either side of the indicators and pushed them in (use clear sealant). Holds a treat and think it looks better as the lights are now slightly sunken into the bumper.

I've since had the bumper off as had to replace one headlight, and there was no prob removing them. Just be careful with a screw driver and the sealant will break. Might save you a few pounds!
Paul Lucas

try this...


If you reach under the bumper you can, with a super-human effort, grasp and compress the fiddly clips from behind with your fingers. The lights can be eased out with no damage to the clips or paintwork. You will need new fingers though.

Regards, Kes.

As others have said, the clips are very fragile and if you lever them they will break! If you do manage to break them, I have a spare set of orange lamps and a clear one (can't remember which side) from the last time I broke them! I don't have the car any more so if you need one let me know.

Tim Jenner


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