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MG MGF Technical - Message for Bruce Caldwell


I tried your suggestion re testing the alarm ECU and everything seems to work except for the fact that the horns don't go off because I removed the fuse - I had to cos it's bloody loud in the garage. I could hear some whirring and buzzing sounds coming from the engine bay so I guess the immobiliser is working like it should.

The problem seems to have changed somewhat. For instance, now both handsets won't work despite new batteries. Whereas I could re-synch at least 1 handset, now I can't do either. Secondly, when I open either pax or driver doors, the courtesy lights don't come on until after I close the door.

The LED doesn't flash rapidly when I lock the doors via the key but it will pulse like it should after about 10 seconds. When I unlock the drivers door, the indicators will flash once, yet the LED will continue to pulse. When I open the drivers door, the LED will glow continuously (ie not flash). When I try to start the
car, the panel lights come on, the LED will illuminate and the normal internal alarm will sound (as it should when starting the car without pressing the unlock button on the handset).

I've also noticed that when the headlights are on, but the engine off and key removed from the ignition, the warning buzzer doesn't sound. Is this connected in someway to the problems that I'm currently experiencing?

I guess its all acedemic as the car goes into the dealer tomorrow so god only knows what they determine, if anything. I'me giving them a briefing sheet of the problems so hopefully, that will help them if TB can't diagnose the fault(s).

Cheers and thanks again for your assistance. As soon as I know the outcome, I'll post here.



I've sent you an email.

Bruce Caldwell

Hmm, I wonder what this will get at last.

Keep us informed please.
Hope you find the failure soon.

Dieter Koennecke

This thread was discussed on 05/08/2002

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