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MG MGF Technical - Metalic Squeek From Rear End

I can hear a fairly quiet noise from the back(I think) of the car at low speeds, which sounds like the noise sometimes made by brakes. The noise is constant, but possibly relative to the speed of the car up to the point where is disappears/becomes inaudible. As the car is due for service in a few weeks, and is under warranty until the end of June, is there anything i need to worry about now? Thanks.
mark daniel


I had a squeaking coming from one of my rear wheels and it turned out to be a corroded bearing. They replaced the bearing and no noise! I should imagine that if that is the problem it would be ok for a couple of weeks, but might be an idea to check with your dealer.

R585 ERO
Chris George

Another possibility...

I had a squeak (sounded like rusty bed spring) which was caused by the rear shock absorber motion moving a pipe located just above the top of the shock.
I took it to my dealer expecting the worst and the MG tech. put the pipe back in popition in less than 10 seconds. Havent heard any squeaks since.

Hope you get it sorted out soon.


I had the same sound and it was just an ill fitting oil filler area cover. Foam rubber on the inside of the boot lis over the offending cover fixed the problem.

I think some form of suspension failure has also had a similar simptom?

Any more squeaks out thar...?
Tony Smith

Thanks for your comments. My car went in for service today, and I had a phone call this afternoon from the dealer to advise that they had found the sqeek but would need to strip down components to get to the offening item and the car would not be ready until the middle of next week.I had to rush out and didn't have time to ask what was the problem, so i'll have to wait to find out. Anyway I'm glad that I raised it as a warranty issue, because it sounds expensive. The warranty runs out at the end of this month, having been extended for three months when I bought the car at three months old.
I'm sorry that I haven't got anything constructive to say at this time, but wanted to keep this thread current so I could report back on what the problem is/was. Anyone care to take a guess?
mark daniel

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