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MG MGF Technical - Metallic Tinkling

I wonder if anyone can diagnose this for me? When accelerating hard between 4500 and 5000 rpm I hear a metallic tinkling from the engine of my 98 MG F MPi. Is this a serious problem or could it be serious?
P R Barnes

Presumably the noise isn't from revs alone, it needs to be a wide open throttle too? The flexible section of exhaust pipe can make some peculiar noises as it fails, and will be most evident when the engine is under heavy load. Could also be a broken or missing exhaust rubber, allowing the exhaust to resonate against something, but the flexi section is more likely.
Mike Hankin

Thanks Mike, its only audible on a wide open throttle and can sound like a small high pitched tinkling bell it only lasts for 500 rpm then disappears. Tracing it isn't easy either from the Drivers seat it sounds like it's from the engine area, but thatnks for the tip. Deeply appreciated.
P R Barnes

It could be pinking...

Dave Andrews

If it's pinking then 98 octane fuel will make it go away.

Do you have a K&N?

could also be an engine mounting bush on the way out.
Will Munns

Many thanks for all the comments, I've been using Shell V Power for some time now on and off and it has no effect on the noise. It does occasionally miss but only very occasionally! I'd also like advice on Induction kits and other performance improvements if anyone has any experience in this area?
P R Barnes

could be the baffles in your exhaust on the way out
can you hear it just over "tick over" if you blip the accellerator ?
RP Armitage

Have a look at the heat shield around the exhaust manifold.

Jack up the rear of car onto axle stands and chock the front wheels etc, before going under. The manifold is at the front of the engine bay, and the heat sheild sits around it.

Crappy welds on the thin sheet metal corrode and these things vibrate at certain revs, mine acted as a 3000rpm buzzer oddly my Mrs to rev the car to 3k and hey presto, shield vibrated. Might be worth checking this out on some ramps/ a lift. Don't do owt precarious..!

My repair was brutish, but still works 2 years on. It was annoying that it happened to a 2 yr old car...hay ho, the joys of MGing etc.

Good Luck.

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