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Being subconded to give a talk on the difference between the F and TF suspension could someone tell me if the TF suspension in the same or a variant of the suspension on the ZR and ZS.
It appears it is much the same.
I have an F so I know all! about that system.
Eric Hayes

I have seen a TF front subframe and its the same as an F, It may have an extra bracket fitted to locate the dampers.I would think that any one wanting to convert could do so very easey, plus save some weight.
Check part numbers.

The subframes are exchangable between F and TF but the suspnsion components are not, as the upper mountings for the TF suspension are dramatically differnet to the F ones (they are not even in the same place).
As to if it is a varient of the ZR/ZS suspesion, I suspect not. The ZR/ZS setup is a progression form the 200/400 setup that I belive was a Honda design?
The TF rear suspension if a deffinate new MG design and does not appear on any other model, so I suspect the front is too.
IIRC not many components are interchangable between the ZR/ZS and TF but perhaps the difference is not obvious initially.
Steve White

>> could someone tell me if the TF suspension in the same or a variant of the suspension on the ZR and ZS. <<

As the others have said, the TF owes nothing to the ZR/ZS - other than using coils other than hydragas. Essential front end geometry between the F and TF are identical although the rear has been extensively redesigned: the lower suspension links are now no longer pivoted from the outer edge of the subframe - rather they are now pivoted from the centre of the car. Similarly, the tie bars at the rear are now rather more sturdy items that are perhaps more akin to a trialling arm...

Some more info at and beautifully demonstrated on Dieter's site in this figure:
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 23/11/2003

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