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MG MGF Technical - MGF ī99 - speed transducer for EPAS?

Iīm not quite sure on this one. Does my ī99 F uses (a.o.) a speed transducer PWM signal for itīs epas? Or was the PWM used only on later models?

Obviously I checked dieterīs site and foudn this

The yellow-green wire supplies a square wave signal. it says. Dieter mentions different options dependant upong year of build. I guess the options just display different wire colours in use for this PWM signal?
David Peters


couldn't get what you are after, but all MGF/TF used to need a speed signal for the EPAS.

Yours is (only) having a reed contact inside the speedo to get this signal.

ECD3 ECU equipped MGF and TF (electronic speedo) use a transducer.

Aha, thanks dieter! It shows I was wrong.

I was just wondering, with all those fancy electronics in a car, upto what extend aftermarket ECUīs can do all that. Youīd almost be obliged to run even an aftermarket as piggy back. Real shame actually. I noticed some ecuīs have PWM signal going out, so that could be of use. But mine doesnīt need that then. Good thing (letīs go back to the time of Webers;-) )

A reed contact is like what we use in bycicle trip speedometersand things like that, not?

Does a reed contact also give a PWM signal then?

David Peters

still confused with the short PWM :)

Pulse width modulation ?

I'd not worry with any modulation or frequency or whatever :)

Main thing is that my sat nav equipment works with the on-off signal from the reed contact inside the speedo ;)

yes Dieter, thatīs what PWM stands for. As I am not an electronics expert, I had a chat with my Google and wikepidia friends ;-D
David Peters

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