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MG MGF Technical - MGF Brakes

I have an MGF VVV on a Pplate, my front brake pads have worn, and need replacing, however the rear pads have plenty of meat left on them. I have been told that if I replace the front pads I need to replace the rear pads??? is this true?? and what about the discs?? doI need to reoplace the rear discs if I replace the fronts ones???

Sory for being thick but I'd appreciate any input....

cheers, Andy

Nope, only if you change pad material.

discs are replaced when they become too thin, so nope there as well (unless you change to groved / drilled, when you might want to look more closely)
Will Munns

You only need to replace the front pads.
Replace the discs if worn, or if you are changing to a different type/make of pad.
Replace in axle sets - if you replace a brake component on the left, then also replace the same component on the right. The same does NOT apply front/rear.

Simple job

consider aftermarket pads like greenstuff or similar

Thanks for your help, fellaS, however I have another query, I've noticed a hissing noise coming from the engine, I've put my hand on the head and can feel air comming through, is this anything to worry about? is it normal and does anything need tightening.

Again I apologise for being thick and would be gratefull again of any input..............


>I've put my hand on the head and can feel air comming through,

a better description would help.

When iding the engine should be sucking like a dyson, if air is being pushed out then something is wrong - where?
Will Munns

could be something easy like a hose or somthing off the manifold!

take it in if you are worried and cant suss it

when you say only need to change front & rear if changing pad material does this include the Greenstuff pads? Nother question does using these pads make that much difference to brakeing or do i need to change discs as well?
B D Nicholls

There isn't a massive improvement in performance using green stuff pads. If you are after better braking performance, then Mintex pads are far superior. However, the Green stuff are fine for normal road use, and have the added benefit of generating less dust.

Regarding needing to change front and rear pads with Green stuff pads, no you don't - particularly if you are just changing the front pads.
Rob Bell

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