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MG MGF Technical - MGF Brakes

My MGF front dics are up for retirement. Is there any appreciable advantage to fit grooved discs and green pads or are the OE ones recommended? Also, I intend to renew the rear pads but not the rear discs. If I go for green pads then I will fit them all round. I assume that the callipers willnot need to be replaced.Any advice appreciated. Mike.
Mike Clements

You really need to check Rob Bell's website for the answer

I found EBC greenstuff less firm than the standard pads but they do produce much less brake dust so that the front wheels stay clean.

Some folk have experienced green stuff pads breaking up. I haven't noticed this, but then I only do road driving in mine.

When you buy the rotors check they will fit without changing wheels or using spacers, because most don't go under the original 15" wheels.


I am not the greatest fan of green stuff pads, as Chris mentioned, I found the pad blocks broke down after some track driving, and actually the retardation was no different from standard pads. But so long as you didn't over stress the pads, they do produce less dust...

If you're after extra bite, I'd recommend Mintex pads- 1144s are probably the ones you ought to think about :o)

With respect to grooved discs, I am not sure that you'd notice much difference, but they do reduce glazing of the pads and will help shift gas/ dust on heavily used brakes. I would go for them, but you have to balance their extra cost in your cost/benefit equation.

Hope this helps

Rob Bell

i fitted mike satur's 280 big disk kit (IMHO the best value) with his black diamond uprated rear disks and green stuff pads allround. Its been great so far, the green stuff pads are the week link but for road use they've worked well (i havent done any track days yet). I will look at VHS larger rear brake disk kit next time and mintex pads.
john reed

Drilled and slotted all round with EBC greenstuff. I have found that from cold, they don't give any aprreciable difference, but once warm, stop quite quick. I have heard from a friend that does a lot of track work that EBC can be quite hard on the disks, so check regularly for cracking; especially around drilled areas. If you wan't insane stopping from cold I too would recommend the mintex previously mentioned, does produce an appreciable amount of dust.
A M Cox

Mike Satur's big brake Black Diamonds with Mintex 1144 are working fine for me. I was getting a rather embarrassing squeal under regular braking until I did the Silverstone track day. They must be now very well bedded in as the squeal's vanished. Also on the track they were superb. The front/rear balance seemed spot on, and I could mash the pedal 5 times a lap with no drop in performance. I wonder if the big rear brakes might make it harder to get the right share front to rear.
Mike Cunningham

Depends on the size of the front discs and the pad combination you use Mike. I've got the VHS big rear brake kit on my car, combined with the AP racing 304mm front set up - and the balance is superb so far after 10k miles of daily driving :o)
Rob Bell

That's probably the best ultimate combination, but I can't fault what I've got. It's certainly capable of locking up when provoked, as I did one time going into Vale.
Mike Cunningham

I used 1177 pads on standard rotors and in standard calipers - and the combination was simply awesome. Heavy on disc wear mind, but it is totally different league to even 1144 pads.

Now 1177 pads on bigger discs - now that'd be an interesting prospect... Expensive to run, but probably internal organ mashing performance! ;o)
Rob Bell

I have the EBC drilled/slotted on the front, with Green Stuff. The great advantage of these disks is that they don't rust and stick to the pads overnight. They look good, and you get a little buzz when you brake. Ah well, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

Oh yes, the disks are well on the way to 100 a pair, the pads 40, so a bit of a hit on the wallet.

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