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MG MGF Technical - MGF Carpet removal - how's it done?

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Subject: WET WET WET WET did I mention WET car

Help please,

I was working late tonight, and what seemed like a beautiful day turned terrible, and it POURED buckets. This apparently went on for about a half-hour before I realized it. Do you have any tips on drying out a soaked MGF?

any help is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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Sounds like your windows need adjusting. Or possibly the heater box seal may need replacing. If the car is under warrantee then take it back to your dealer and get them to fix it. If out of warrantee then you may also need to resolve the problem by taking it to your MG dealer or to an mg specialist. It's difficult to know where to start without knowing where the water is coming in from. I had water coming in to my passenger footwell area which turned out to be the heater box seal being defective. A new seal fitted by my dealer fixed this problem.

Are the seats wet? Or just the carpets? If it's just the carpets, is it both sides or just one side? If it is the passenger footwell area then I would suspect the heater box seal. If the soft top itself is leaking then it can be reproofed - Autoglym do a hood cleaning & reproofing kit.

Depending on which part of the country you live in I could suggest recommended MG specialists who should be able to fix the problem for you. Where abouts are you?

A temporary fix, if the windows need adjusting, or if the seals need replacing, would be to buy a hood cover. The MGF register sells them - contact Steve & Margaret Terry This cover is also good in the summer for keeping the heat out of the car when it is very hot, and can be used with the hood up or down. It covers the windscreen and has a waterproof & heat reflective material.

Depending on how wet the inside of the car is you may have to remove the seats and carpets to dry them out properly. The seats are held in by four star headed bolts each.

Hope this helps..........


Martin Woods
MG Car Club Ltd - MGF register vice chairman

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Sent: 19 December 2001 12:45
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Thank you so much. I'll have to take the seats and carpet out. In my desperation I forgot to mention that I actually left the top down. I think I'll invest in a hood cover. I actually live in Bermuda (a tiny UK Territory, off the east coast of the US).

Does anyone else have any advice on how to remove the carpets from an MGF? I've had the passenger seat out once, but never the carpets.
Does the centre console have to be removed?(as with the MG Maestro)

Or is there a way to dry the carpets out without removing them?

Martin Woods

If you look in the footwells near the Brake pedals etc there are some large black SCREWS through the carpet -just undo these and fold the carpets back enough to access underneath - just pull the carpet away from the door side!

You shouldnt need to remove the carpets totally as they will dry out quickly -BUT you do need to remove the felt underneath the carpets as it acts like a sponge and takes weeks to dry out

If the car got realy soaked its worth taking the seats out and doing the whole floorpan - I wouldnt take the carpet right out - the water will be at the lowest points only - so no real need for total removal

If it were me I would take out the felt - dry the floorpan very well and then treat the inner floorpan with something like waxoyl(clear wax underseal rustproofer like liquid wax with rust inhibitor) - it will smell a bit for a week and then you wont know its there - and if the car gets a bit damp your inner car is protected for the future!

While on the subject waxoyl is good for underbody arches and other vunerable places where wear and corrosion are a problem

In Bermuda I would suggest you just leave it with the hood down again on one of your fantastic hot & sunny days!

Ted Newman

you and your bloody waxoyl tony :0)
hehe do you work for them.
Nick Walters

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