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MG MGF Technical - MGF Coil Springs

About two years ago I had my MG-F converted to coils springs using a Bilstien Coil-cover shock set up that I had made up here in Oz. Am pleased with the result. I would be interested to hear from others who have done it and hear of their experience and comments.
Murray Arundell

Could be a market here for this as spare Hydrogas units become harder to get, what was the cost?

Cheers Alan


Total cost was near AUD$4k. However that includes near $2k for stuff I bought from Taiwan which turned out to be utter rubbish. It was a kit that was supposed to "bolt-in". Bolt into what I don't know but it was not an MG-F. Anyway we did use the top-hats from that kit and went to our local suspension experts who put the rest together. We also engineered a set of strengthening plates for the upper rear. Originally we used a lighter bracket but a road trip to the Gulf revealed this was not strong enough. (Probably would have been ok for normal roads but Queensland outback roads are rubbish).

I think if I were to put it together now the sum of the parts would be around AUD$2k including the rear brackets. Given the looming unavailability of hyrdo bags this will be the only way for people to go.
Murray Arundell

Hi all,
probably the best thread in a long time here.... Do You have any pictures from the change ? My now 13 year old F will sooner or later need a change in the suspension system.Was one of the first in the 90īs to make a DIY pump together with Dieter.
But the other side of the membrane is another story to fix.Have had some thoughts to fill with some solid but compressable item like silicone when it finally fails. Murray,please evaluate further how You have done,my guess is that it will be of great interest to many. In a way funny that the big aftermarket guys doesnīt have this kind of "kit" available.
BR, Carl
Carl Blom

There is also the option (at some cost I confess) of replacing everything with the subframes & suspension from the TF. That way you get a bespoke engineered solution rather than a bodge. Just make sure you get the later softer springs and/or the Bilstein dampers from VHS or MGOC, or you might loosen a few fillings by all accounts.
I had it done (it was cheaper than buying a new car) and am very pleased with the results.
Mike Cunningham

Murray, That's a very interesting idea, would love to see some pictures of the instalation, who helped you instal it in South Australia. If you go to Rob Bells site and then to the "chamber of horrors" you can see what happened to my rear turrets when I put just stiffer shocks.
Andrew Regens

If something sounds too good it usually is.

Oh cheer up Carl

Another aspect to consider would be how the insurance companies would regard a modification that had not been technically certified by the manufacturer, especially where a mechanical failure could be a safety issue. They might regard the car as no longer an MGF, and needing Single Vehicle Approval or some such extra certification :(
Mike Cunningham


MGR never gained a new vehicle type approval for the mgtf, so in reality all TFs are in fact MGFs with different suspension. So, should the insurance companies regard suspension upgrades in the same way that they regard brake upgrades - who knows?
David Clelland

My wild guess is that the insurance companies have regarded the F an mechanical failure since the late 90īs.
OK I get my coat and leave for the garage now ;O)...
Carl Blom

At least the TF suspension was designed by people who knew what they were doing (and then it got b***ered up by the cost police!)
Mike Cunningham

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