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MG MGF Technical - MGF Cup dry sump

Has anyone got manuals/info showing the Cup car's dry sump installation, etc.

Please mail if you do.


I've only one pic on

and some earlier @
Row 2

Dieter K.

Check the catureum (sp?) sites, they tend to do this more often

Will Munns

Thanks for those. You don't happen to have any shots of the engine do you? I'm really interested in the pump location and how its driven.



I use the Elise BBS (having one!) and can get hold of an MFG cup dry sump kit - well most of it - and want to track down any pictures I can of its installation. The Caterham solution isn't any good for me, and nobody except QED do dry sumps for the Elise.


I'm sorry, I was keen on brakes and exhaust only.

If I'd been in that location I'd know ;) *smile*
Can't recall, but I beleave the red hoses were for the oil.

On the other 'Treffen' in 2000 have been some more who took pictures from the Spa Cup race cars.
Stefan Gibney,
Erik Baekelant,

I think it's to early to give in. Wait until tomorrow when the other regular visitors have read and posted.

Dieter K.

>I use the Elise BBS (having one!)
ah so this site is not news to you then ;-)

Good luck with the transplant
Will Munns

talk to Mel at Meltech (stokenchurch nr Wycombe) as he used to prep Cup cars....

I've already given Mel's new number (he's near Tring now!) to Steve.

Whilst I could probably tell you this tomorrow, you could also try Techspeed - I think they're still working on cup-technology cars. Maybe also Malcolm Gammons at Brown and Gammons who's certainly got one. If you can't find their numbers, catch me tomorrow!



I know DVA well and have him to thank for 220+bhp ;-) Unfortunately I can't use the Caterham dry sump on his site - there is an engine steady bar that bolts to the bottom of the sumps on MGFs and Elises. All dry sump kits bar the MGF Cup and the QED Elise offerings are missing this.


Thanks again for the links, but still not quiet what I need!

If you're keen on brakes, have you tried the Pagid RS14 pad?


I've got the names of the right people to talk to at Rover, but might pester you for the numbers - but not in work time, obviously ;-)


>>f you're keen on brakes, have you tried the Pagid RS14 pad?<<

Are these available for the MGF calipers Steve???

Contact details for Tech-speed can be found on - and chat to either Marvin or Roy Forde.
Rob Bell


I'm afraid I don't know, but I'd guess so. What do the cup cars use?

Thanks for the link.


Steve, the Cup cars use a set of lovely AP racing discs and 4(?)pot calipers, front and rear. Sadly, the rear calipers have no handbrake option, so little opportunity to use these on road cars :o(

Regarding Pagid pads for MGs, Owen was going to look into this when he was setting up MG-Speed to compliment his Race-Speed business. Unfortunately, Owen never got back to us. :o(

I gather that Simon(S) prefers Pagids to Mintex 1177s (the pads that I use on my car at present). If available, I'd certainly be interested in trying them out! :o)
Rob Bell


Do you have a Cup spec car (bar the brakes?). The 4-pots sound the same as the ones used on the AutoBytel Elises, and they used Mintex pads.

Is the 1177 a wilder 1166? Are they any good on the road? Or is your car a track/race car?



no, sadly I don't have a cup car (considered buying one - but storage is an issue!). I compete my car in the standard class of the MGCC speed championship. I have to keep the standard brake components (or 'official' MG Sport and racing tuning options) - but pad material is free.

The 1177s are a little more extreme than 1166s. But they actually work surprisingly well from cold too, so make for an excellent road pad - at least for the MGF. The only downside is disc wear - which is prodigious. Hey ho - but it is the best way to get the standard brakes properly up to scratch!

>>The 4-pots sound the same as the ones used on the AutoBytel Elises, and they used Mintex pads.<<

Sounds interesting :o) I don't know much about the Autobytel Elises - any links to find out more?
Rob Bell

Auch Dieter, time to update that URL...

My site can be found at
Select Models MGF Cup Car and you will find 3 or 4 pictures of the dry sump (IIRC).


>Auch Dieter, time to update that URL...

Yep, with that link to
Great picture qualitity, as usual at Erik, btw !!

Though you also haven't got the oil pump location.
Dieter K.

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