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My MGF is becoming hard to start on wet mornings. The car has done 53000 miles and regularly serviced. This is something fairly recent which leads me to suspect dampness somewhere in the electrics.

In order to attack this problem I need access to the engine, and here lies my problem. How do I get any near the spark plugs. I've heard that there is access from under the rear parcel shelf. Is this correct? If so how do I get there?


It will probably be the leads - common problem on the MGF - get silicon replacements 50 approx - dont bother going to halfords etc - they dont do them!

Access under parcel shelf
see link for access

go to "MGF FAQS"


SELECT "ENGINE" and you will see "open engine compartment"


Any idea who supplies the silicon leads?

The dealer in Bath - Harcliffe ?? or something like that
Although I think the better leads (silicon)are available from Mike saturn and other suppliers listed on the board mail order - links are all over the place here- not sure what the OEM rover replacements are like ?? Probably cheap n nasty but still cost 50 :)
Worth looking at all ignition parts while you have the engine access open - plugs etc!

This time of year (damp) always shows up the small faults on the ignition!


Try B&G who advertise on this BBS.

Go for the sports rather than racing leads. They are easier to fit as the diameter is lower.

Directions on

Pretty straight forward- and show those 'Sport' leads to good effect :o)
Rob Bell


Any decent motor factor should be able to supply standard grade silicone leads for the F. Price will be around 25 instead of around 45 from Rover. Alternatively you could get performance magnecore leads from Brown & Gammons or Mike Satur for around 45.


NB: Watch out for the back of your hand while removing the engine cover bolts. Behind the T-Bar is a rather sharp metal edge which you can easily cut yourself on. Not sure if this is the case with MY2000 cars but be warned.
Tony Smith

Order a workshop manual from a Rover dealer. Part No. RCL0051 ENG (ENG stands for English).
Tony Smith

Sorry but if you can't work out how to get to the engine bay, buy yourself, what makes you think you will have any idea what to do when you eventualy get there.


If you've got nothing helpful to say - don't bother.
Paul Lathwell

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