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MG MGF Technical - MGF Engine Conversions

Does anyone know what conversions have been done to swap the engine, has anyone tried the 220 turbo engine,
I wanting to find out about this as I'm considering doing it.
Richard Howe

No one has done this- but you are on a very similar wave length to a certain Roger Parker :o)

My only anxiety is the relative weight- the T16-series is much heavier than the K series. Bare in mind that the MGF already has over 55% ogf its weight of the rear axle, a T16 is only going to make that worse... Not insoluble- as Porsche has shown over the years with the 911, but certainly something to consider- suspension changes are going to be required.

It's do-able- keep us informed Richard! :o)

Rob Bell

Might have to compensate by bunging a couple of bags of cement in the front:-)

Ted Newman

You need to have a look at the latest copy of CCC, there's a review of the Quaife 6 speed sequential, PTP 220 BHP engine, and the Turbo Technics centifugal supercharger installation. All in Elises mind you, but they should still work in a proper car.

PS You might find that F Cup engines become more available as the season progresses, and fewer of the racers have cars left to keep them in!
Alan b

LOL Alan!

The point that the K-series can be readily be tuned is well made.

The Mountune kit (about 1700 quid) puts out an easy 158 bhp- and that is without a big valve conversion.

PTP produce a number of kits from 140-220 bhp. The 160 bhp kit is said to be very good.

BBR-GTi do several turbo charger kits at various levels of tune, with power outputs from sublime to the ridiculous- and with prices to match. Reassuringly expensive I guess. ;o)

And then there are tuning kits available from B&G (along with CR gearboxes) and also from Mike Satur (?)

Plenty of options for the existing engine...

Rob Bell

Not to mention the Supercharger upgrade giving 190 BHP (MPi) or 215 BHP (VVC) from Turbo Technics. Fully fitted 4800 quid + VAT. If you have airco, tough luck....
Tony Smith

Minister Racing were recently selling some Rover 'Tomcat' engines, which as far as i'm aware are blown K series units which are specially put together by themselves using standard K lumps. 200 or 220 ps. can't remember which.


How much would it cost to get the Mountune kit installed?


ok then, if this is going to be to much hassle, can anyone recommend throttle bodies? and if so which type make and so on.
Richard Howe

Hmmm, the last throttle body installation i knew of resulted in a max 100 mile range from the fuel tank...

But, the F in question did do 150 mph and kept up with the SP Cheetah up to 130 mph, at which point the Cheetah driver "bottled it".

Scarlet Fever

The Tomcat turbo engine is no relation of the K-series.

Mike Bees

Richard, the first thing is to establish what BHP you are wanting and how much you want to spend. If you want to develop the power additions over a period to spread the costs, then this can affect the way you tune the engine. don't for get to add in the costs of extra insurance in the equation. Do you have a VVC or the 1.8i engine? If you are going for broke and want a bigger engine try the 2.9 corrado V6,should be good for 250 BHP with mild tuning.If you want it fitting give me a call!

I thought someone in the London (reported here) area had fitted a TT supercharger late last year (Danny ??) or was that a wind up ...


Mike is this something you have done before?
Its a 1.8 MPi, How much would I be looking at to fit the V6 then?
Richard Howe

>>How much would it cost to get the Mountune kit installed?<<

I am not sure Russ- but being an engine out job, anticipate quite a high labour charge- something similar to the 60k mile service would be my guess. In fact this would be a good time to get the work done... Hmmm, oh blast, I can't. No money, against the regs... Nuts. :o(

Make a cool track day car though! :o)

Rob Bell

I think the Mountune kit comes to something like 2700 quid including fitting an tax, have a look at the web site, as I can't find the MG World article...

If you don't know the link (I can't remember off hand) see:

If you ask Mountune the labour time for fitting I'm sure they would be happy to tell you.

Mike, isn't Andy looking to do a wild engine upgrade, he may be into the VW V6 answer. I think this option may cost a little more than a supercharger though. I really don't see the point in going much past 200 BHP witn an F for normal road use.

I would love a Supercharger, but I think I will end up going down a Mountune style path due to the high cost of a supercharger installation and the added ability to upgrade bit by bit. If my numbers come up on the lottery it's a supercharger :-)
Tony Smith

The Mountune kit is 1690 (plus VAT and delivery!). They don't do fitting, so you'd have to find someone to quote you on that... as well as new head, it involves inlet and exhaust cams, gaskets, chip, a K&N, and exhaust manifold... so it won't be a quick job.

Also, the TT supercharger is 4800 ex VAT, so that's 5640 in the real world.

Ed Clarke

VR6 conversion costs ?? Don't know but would like to do this. depends on engine costs and if mods are required. But at a rough cost it would be around the 4500-6000 pounds mark.I would rather go this way than the supercharger route. The exhaust note would be worth it!!
PS anybody know of a cheap V6 motor for sale???

Richard, as Mike said you need to determine the power you want but strongly bare in mind the "DRIVEABILITY". You may get a great power increase from some of these conversions on the market, but cannot drive the car in traffic or have a rough and lumpy tick-over! Worth thinking about.
Dean Thomas

Mike, re - Tomcat.

Thanks (i stand corrected), having never seen of heard of it before i spoke to minister racing engines. It was only when we were discussing mods to my car that they mentioned it. ho humm.


Advert in this months MG Enthusiast for QED, K series engine specialists:

Track Day Kit - 180 bhp. Enginge Management, Throttle Bodies, Ignition package, Q375HK camshafts (always fancied the Q375HK's myself :-))

1925 - excludes fitting - no mention of whether VAT is additional, I expect so.


Torque talks, BHP supports conversations at the Pub!!

This is why you must separate naturally aspirated conversions and those which involve forced induction or engine changes that provide greater displacement.

Horses for Courses. If you go for any conversion that alters the cam profile for one with greater lift and overlap you will be trading off low speed torque for upper rev power. Go too wild and even the best engine managment system will not be able to soften the sharp transition from clean running to running awful below a certain rev point. Keep the standard cams and go for a well modified head retaining standard valves and it will enhance the whole rev range and provide a very much faster car. Just look at how quick some 'standard class' MG racers are compared to road going standard cars. These engine do not feature wild changes, just subtle and detailed work.

Mike, keep your eye open for a crashed V6 Galaxy. Many forget that this is the narrow angle VW V6! Yes this will fit with considerably less body conflicts than the KV6.

Incidentally the Tomcat Turbo engine (Rover T16 Turbo 2 litre) has a little too much block length for comfort and ends up 11mm off the wheelarch panel! That doesn't include the box section above which would have to go!

Roger Parker

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