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MG MGF Technical - MGF Fog lamps: shared with other Rovers?

Hi all,

I don't know whether anyone knows the answer to this question, but can anyone tell me whether the fog lamps used on the MGF are shared with other Rover models? Certainly, they look similar to those fitted to R200/R400 models, but I don't know the part numbers.

Help?! I need to replace the LHS fog lamp as mine is badly cracked...
Rob Bell

Got fogs in the ZS Rob, never looked at 'em properly but if you want i'll have a look tonight and see if i can get some part numbers for you.

Scarlet Fever

Hi Rob.
The basic unit is the same, yes.
You can also reuse the lenses... but you have to manually prise them off and reseal. You cannnt buy the lenses alone. :-(
Trip to a scrapie maybe ?

I have a spare at home. I forget which side. I'll check tonight.

Paul Nothard

Cheers guys - I appreciate that! Part numbers would be great, thanks Andy. Paul, if you have a spare LHS fog lamp, then you're a life-saver! :o)

All I need to do now, is try and repair a pair of shattered fog lamp brackets... :o/
Rob Bell

Depends if i can see them easily or not Rob - to be honest i've yet to investigate the ZS fully and have little idea how visible the lamps are - i'm certainly not going to do any disassembly! LOL :-)

With a bit of luck i can lie on my back and look up under the front bumper and see the parts.

Scarlet Fever

No problem mate - I certainly wasn't expecting you to do a 'Technical seminar' on your ZS! ROFL (Well, not just yet anyway ;o) ;o) ;o))

I suspect that this will draw a blank: IIRC the part number is embosed on the back of the plastic lamp housing - and certainly would not be visible without dissambling the fog lamp... so don't worry too much. On the off chance that there is something engraved on the glass, then that would be most helpful.
Rob Bell


Is this old Ebay advert any good - it gives a part number.

David Clelland

Thanks Dave. Just emailed Best Of British Rover who tell me that the fogs are indeed shared with other Rover models. Cost 25 quid each. But I'll check the part numbers (although it must be said that MGR have a frustrating habit of frequently applying different part numbers to the SAME part according to the application they intend it for! Grrr!)

Ah - just looked: XBQ100730 is the part number for the complete fog lamp kit - and this is specific to the MGF :o( Thanks for looking though David :o)
Rob Bell


according to the EPC the part numbers for MGF are

RH XBJ105500 28.51
LH XBJ105510 28.51

they are also listed under Rover 400 (95 on), 45, ZS, 75 & ZT. Although there are also other fog lamps available for these models,

Richard P

just looked up XBQ100730 says it for a complete kit @ 190?
Richard P

Yup, that complete kit is painfully expensive isn't it? Whoever bid 82 quid for it on eBay got themselves a bargain!!!

I just need the new glass - but that probably means a whole new unit. And if you get one, then the other one will look instantly shabby - so you end up getting two. Arrgh! That'll be 50 quid from Best of British :o( Actually, not significantly cheaper than MGR are they? :o( Unfortunately, Victoria is unable to help.

Time to shop around the other Rover breakers. Thanks for the part numbers Richard - this will make shopping around that much easier! :o)
Rob Bell


I think I may still have the old F fog lamp brackets from when I converted the front to a TF. You can have them if you like, rather than repair your old ones, I will just have to dig around at the weekend. Let me know.

Chris Catchpole

Hi Rob,

got a full kit _cheapish_ as well in last year when mine broke.
Glass with number.
XBJ100270 (No idea which side)
Can anyone identify ?

Forgotten non sorted pic collection, should be used at any time .. LOL

Got the plastic fog lamp protection covers from Mike after change to the new.
Would recommend :)

Dieter K.

Looks like you've sorted out the part number issue anyway, just as well as i had a look last night and couldn't see them. :-(

Scarlet Fever

>>XBJ100270 (No idea which side) ... Can anyone identify ?<<

Looks to be the LHS lens Dieter - so does this mean the glass can be ordered separately afterall???

Chris - you've got mail! :o)) I'll keep my finger crossed that you can find those brackets :o)

Andy - thanks for looking mate :o)
Rob Bell

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