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MG MGF Technical - mgf gear selector cable

Hi, can anyone out there please help? my 1st - 2nd gear selector cable has snapped and I'm struggling to find a replacement, my car is currently at a garage awaiting developments and the car is stuck in 2nd!

any help would be very very much appreciated.


roger crookall

The availability of new parts might have improved with the impending launch of the Chinese TF, but last year gear cables were ordered by x-part in batches which led to a 3 monthly cycle of feasts and famines.

If you can't get one just now, don't despair because they will eventually become available. When mine broke, I found the garage didn't go beyond their usual suppliers, so I chased around various sources myself.

Meanwhile in an emergency 2nd gear is driveable although 3rd is better.


Hi Roger
Just had mine done with a Mike Sutor conversion from the TF to F, 140 including delivery.Tried every where to get one but no joy,even second hand. Seems to be a major problem. Had two sent to me but both the wrong length.
c bruce

Hi - who or what is a Mike Sutor conversion? I only bought my mgf a few weeks ago and it decided to have this problem and the cabel snapped yesterday - my local rover dealer isn't very hopeful so any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. Thanks

Hi Margaret
You can find Mike Satur at
The conversion kit comprises of two modified brackets
to accomodate the shorter cable from the mgtf.Just had mine sorted by my local garage. Bit awkward to get at but they got there in the end.
c bruce

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