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MG MGF Technical - MGF German LED Rear lights

Has any one purchased these LED lights which would fit Mike Saturs Fiat Coupe style rear lights? I am thinking of replacing the fiat light fitttings with these Hella ones.

Look the bees knees

They are universal lights made by Hella, and have been around for years.

Its worth noting that although they fit in the surrounds, they require a set of brackets making up to actually hold them in, as the light units themselves dont have any fixings to hold them in the surrounds, and the ones for the coupe light cant be used.

Also worth noting that the older LED rings can only be used as tail lights, which means when you add indicators and brakes lights as the 4 centres, there is no room left for fog and reverse lights, which need to be mounted elsewhere.

I still have a set Hella LED units with brake and indicator 'centres' in the garage that I have never got round to fitting, complete with Mike’s surrounds and separate fog and reverse lights.
Steve White

Julian, in view of what Steve says, it might be worth contacting these guys to see how the lamps are attached to the Fiat. It's interesting to see that the pictures shown on the site have no evidence of additional reversing/fog lamps - I wonder how this was achieved?
Rob Bell

Hella have recently released a newer version of the LED rings that have 2 sets of LED's and so can do brake and tail functions, which I suspect what you would actually get if you ordered that kit.
But the pic in the link certainly looks like the older 'tail only' LED rings.
I am currently trying to find a UK source and prices for the newer 2 function LED rings as it may pursued me to get round to fitting mine.
Steve White

It'd certainly look different - but I rather like the tail lamps you've currently got on the car Steve!
Rob Bell

It comes with everything you need including the back fitting which secures the lights to the Mike Satur fiting plus the cabling.

Interestingly someone reminded me that it was a MOT requirement to have rear reflectors. Well this fitting and the Mike Satur fitting comes with no rear reflectors and I have passed every MOT since I fitted the Mike Satur / Fiat lights 6 years ago.

I have now ordered a set from Germany.

Great stuff Julian - let us see the pictures when you get them fitted! :o)

And you must have a myopic MoT tester... not that that is necessarily a bad thing of course ;o) LOL
Rob Bell

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