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MG MGF Technical - MGF headlamp works :) (dark side related)


had sourced a pair of Trophy head lights at ebay recently. Some may remember my daubts about the look of the black reflectors at a PTS MGF ?

However my 5 years old original main lights looked already a bit 'foggy' inside. (60k miles done and half of in the dark or rain)

I gave it a go.
What do you think ?

Did this post to the technical subject cause I found _my_ way to swap headlights without removing the whole bumper.
Only remove both side bolts bumper2wing and the front row of bolts bumper to upper front panel.
More instructions and pics to follow later this week, if of interest.

Dieter K.


Would be interested in "Pics"

Planning to paint inside headlights, but last time I took front bumper off,( to fit chrome grills) broke one of indicator side clips :o( , so dont want to do same again!.



Left hand side( from front) looks a little " foggy" compared to right, may just be photo though!.

Nice F by the way!.

did the same ,broke indicator clip when fitting grills,would also be interested in painting headlights,if i did not need to take out the indicators again,there are only 2 month old,....clear ones from MS,....ta .mel.....
m e johnson

Those sticky pads that Halfords sell to fix number plates also hold in indicators with broken clips.

p.s. just thought - so should those velcro strips from the dress making department at John Lewis, or our B&Q.

The trick with the clip is to press the clip back, not lever the light out. The pressure MUST be sideways, any forward pressure will snap the clip. If the clip is OK then the light will spring forwards under its own steam, that is unless its been held in with some sticky goo
Will Munns

Removed headlamps without removing the bumper? Cunning! How did you do that Dieter? :o)
Rob Bell

Ah... I think I've figured out how you did it! Nice one :o)
Rob Bell

>The trick with the clip is to press the clip back, not lever the light out. The pressure MUST be sideways, any forward pressure will snap the clip.

Would underline.
However, check the clip holes fro *flush* and remove it before re-mounting the indicators. Makes live much easier for a second removal later.

>Left hand side( from front) looks a little " foggy" compared to right, may just be photo though!.
Yes, photo file related only. Both are from new and eqaul shining in truth.

Looking back on 5 years, I think you know I'm lazy like a bone regarding obviously useless works. ;)
BTW. I've got tought leaving out *wast works* in the UK while a 3 days seminar for Total Quality Management, east of Birmingham in any Golf Hotel . (13 years ago) ;)
Dieter K.

The car is screaming for a front Trophy splitter !!

Well done Dieter. Not really sure about the look without the front lip... Maybe some additional pics could help me.


LOL Dieter :o)

BTW, the Trophy headlamps suit the car nicely :o)
Rob Bell

Looks good to me :-)

Scarlet Fever

How do you fit a Trophy splitter with front fog lights. I have never seen one with the extra lights.
Andrew Regens

Bruno's done this to his Volacano coloured F -

I think that Mr Satur has also replicated this effect for a few customers as well.
Rob Bell

Is it possible to replace just the sealed unit of the headlights? or do you have to buy the whole unit? My dipped lights are getting woeful now and I really would like to get them sorted before winter, but really would like to avoid paying 200 +
Phil Brindley

Phil, you can get the silvered part rechromed - which is what I had done - see
Rob Bell

hmmm, can't really do that as it's my daily driver, good page though Rob, highlights the problem perfectly. Looks like I'll have to start ringing round the breakers yards.
Phil Brindley

> silvered part rechromed - which is what I had done - see

:) Followed Rob's nice works most interested the other day.
Now the idea is to getting a bulk of misty old together from overseas and ship at once for rechroming.

I have two and will keep mine for later rechroming. (Later could be years, though)

Anyone out there who likes to take part ?

PS. LHD or RHD inner reflectors look equal, I think only the glass cover is different.
Dieter K.

I was thinking of doing exactly this via the MGF register - namely sorting out a kind of exchange system. I sent my lamps to Geoff as a kind of 'dry run' for this.

Mine was the prototype - so quality wasn't production standard - yet. But the result is just sooo much better than what I had before - and the silvering is coated, so hopefully, it won't oxidise again. :o)
Rob Bell

I found a marked improvement in the light output after a recent 'service' - that is to say a new offside light unit due to frontal impact the 'Green Squirrel' received whilst chasing acorns:-)

The old unit did not seem bad and certainly passed its MOT but gradual wear and tear had obviously caused the reflector to dull.

Ted Newman

would be interested if an exchange system could be set up, but would need to get mine sorted pretty soon as most of my commuting is now done in the dark. Rob, drop me an e-mail if you have plans to get this going soon.

Phil Brindley

Phil, I would have just been at the point of joining you except that I changed to the TF.

If you started the ball rolling by getting a pair of lights from (say) MGFC, you could get them processed and installed in your car then make your old ones available, at MGFC price, to the next person via this bbs etc etc

As the word spread the scheme should be self perpetuating. The only risk is that, at some point, someone will get stuck with 2 sets of light units.


Only the chromed part need be recycled John - and this part is nice and small, so very easy to store.

Phil, you're more than welcome to mine (I had Tim Woolcott's old ones rechromed) BUT i managed to snap of one of the adjuster ball-cups :o(

I'm sure that Victoria will have something suitable lying around if you ask?
Rob Bell

>> The only risk is that, at some point, someone will get stuck with 2 sets of light units.

And knowing my luck John that would be me. LOL

Phil Brindley

Keep cool, slow down :)
I think a bulk only with lets say 10 or 20 at once could drop costs.

Phil, not you ... this time ;) I've got enough to play with and no urgent needs :)

- 2 old to be re-chromed... if costs are reasonable. (complete head lamps LHD though)
- option for another with broken outer glass. (dunno currently which side)

- new RH headlamp with brocken upper left mounting bracket. (new reflector inside)
(could be stripped for exchange job)

Another LH black Trophy (new) and a LH silver standard, new aswell.

@Rob, I think there could get *knitted* an exchange interest/offer data base at another _place_ ? ;)

The idea is:
exchange of blind small reflectors against new or re-chromed.
Handling/shipment and price for re-chroming to be included in costing.
All together should be not more than lets say 50 quid for one side ??

From my own experiance and estimation, the standard get blind after app. 30 to 40 k miles with headlights on.
Dieter K.

I'll need to check my reciepts, but if I recall correctly, Geoff was charging 60 quid for a pair of reflectors (30quid a piece). Shouldn't have thought that shipping would cost all that much as the reflector bowls are pretty light (er, no pun intended!) when stripped from the whole lamp assembly.

We need to give some thought as to how an exchange programme would work. Personally, some kind of chain whereby the old, to be replaced bowls are sent to the next person needing rechromed lamps?

I'd be happy to put some kind of database together for the MGF register web page once we know how this system is going to work...
Rob Bell

Phil ... If you started the ball rolling ...

Watch this space.
Phil Brindley

Hi Guys, I was about to offer to step in and start the ball rolling but have even less reason to get stuck with a set at the end of the cycle.

An appeal.

I have been on to MGFC, Midland MGF and Roverspares Norfolk. None of them have any spare chrome inserts. So does anyone have any that they are prepared to sell (or give away) for this whole re-chroming exchange program to get started.

Thanks in advance

Phil Brindley

Try any breakers yard Phil that receives RTA damaged vehicles...

Mike Satur also repairs MGFs - so you could try him too?
Rob Bell

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