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MG MGF Technical - MGF Headlights

Hi All, Hoping someone could help me with the following.
Have just put my car in for MOT & it has failed on headlight beam dipping the wrong way, as if it was lefthand drive. This is the 3rd MOT since having the car. First year it failed on dim headlights & I removed the headlights and had them re-silvered, fitted and it went to mot and passed. Last year it passed not problems. I cannot rememember but the reflectors looked the same but could I have fitted wrong way round? Steve


I would have thought you would have had to fit upside down to get beam to dip to the right instead of left.

As surely both lights should dip in the same direction, even if it was possible to swap, but yes weird, but looks as if possible cause is the silvering over the 3 years has gone a bit astray causing that effect.

I have a TF and it has a switch to move the beam, but don't recall any such thing in the MGF


Perhaps I have decribed wrong in saying wrong way round. Could I have the reflectors in the wrong lamps.
IE; O/S in N/S and visa-versa. My question is are the reflectors different and handed? If I swapped them would that cure my problem? Steve

The 'Direction' of 'Deflection' is due to the Rear Inner Lens on the Dipped Beam.
Suggest you compare yours with another MGF.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

Have checked part numbers & headkights fitted are for a lefthand drive car so are incorrect. To correct I will need two new headlight units. Steve

or a pair of inner lenses from otherwise scrap RHD lights.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

Perhaps m rickerby would swap?

m rickerby, France
any one out there converted right hand drive to left hand drive? i would like to know whats involved parts and work wise
CW Faux


I'm all for swapping as long as the reflectors have not gone milky LOL

There is a lot of cheap RHD headlights on ebay
LHD units are harder to find. I you consider selling yours I am a potential buyer.
Jon F

Thanks for the link looks like it is not that more expensive to buy a pair of new headlamps than used ones. 600 for Item number: 370117145875. At some point I will be changing the headlamps so will be selling the ones currently wrongly fitted. Steve

I remember reading something on the BBS years ago about the wrong headlights being fitted in the Factory. Probably something on it in the archive
Paul Robertson

When I got my new Trophy headlights, they were slightly cheaper than the standard ones - black plastic instead of shiny, and look quite smart too!

Mike Cunningham

Please correct me if I am wrong, but isnt it the glass deflectors that are handed and not the chrome reflectors.

The glass deflectors do not cloud but the chrome reflectors behind them do, if there are damaged RHD units around the inner deflectors may be in tact and should be quite cheap. I remember that you could purchase the outer glass as seperate parts but the inner deflector (ridged glass inside) was not available and the unit had to be replaced.

These are easily fitted but require removal of the headlamp unit and care with prising the ball joint out on the reflector to gain access to the glass inside.

Does anyone know if the reflector bowls are different or is it simply the deflector inside.
Chris Catchpole

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