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I have just bought a 2nd hand hardtop. When buying the Heater rear windows switch do I need a separate relay or is it built in.

PS: URL to any instructions gratefully received.

Steve Ratledge

Steve, the switch and relay are separate and you need both. There have been more than 1 relay although I don't know how that affected the F (certainly at least 2 versions for the TF).
John Ponting

Check here for official instructions. But don't buy a relais at MGR for the HT ;)-
Standar Relais from Halfrauds will be much cheaper and does the job. mgtf versions with Mini-Relais is different though.

as always Dieter - right on the ball. Sadly, I missed you at MGF10; we've never met but often cyber spoken & that was my chance. Weather was so nice that I stayed outside for most of the day (Lyn & I have been to Gaydon many time before).
John Ponting

Thanks Dieter.

Any tips on adjusting it so that air does not wistle in at the front edge?
Steve Ratledge

been there at MGF10, but sadly missed so many well known to shake hands. :(
My apology to all who had been there and I didn't _see_.
417? MGTF/TF drivers were just to many for one day ! :)

front end adjustment options is only with the clamp tightness, or change of the A-Frame seal. (IMO)
Do not overtighten.
Converting the A-Frame seal at old MGF to new HT design seal might be useful, if you have this combination.

I heard of some misaligned (spelling?) HT's front seam. Meaning the front HT seam is bent from bad storage. I'm not aware of any solution for such falure.


Does it matter if you do up the front or rear clips 1st. Any tips on fitting the HT?

E.g. Push af far forward as possible or keep it as far back as possible?

Steve Ratledge

... depends on.
The final result should be fine, so it's worth do see what it does with clamp forces, wherein I prefer to close the upper front at first.

Initial adjustment if done the first time:
Do both front at once.
Both should be the same force to tighten (adjust with clamp adjustment screws)
Then check the clearance at the rear RH and LH before closing the rear clamps.
Image 37 and 38 explains what I mean with clearance.
The HT lead must not touch the rear wing, but pull down the roof and leave a gap of let's say 4 mils.

While closing the rear, check for equal force aswell. You need different actions to adjust the rear if required, depending on which rear clamp version you have, old none-restricted or new with support.

At last, if all four clamps are fine adjusted, the front lead must be sealed and the rear must not rub on the wing.

Easy said ;-)

The heated rear window switch kits are still available from MG-Rover through dealers at a price of 14.00 which includes both switches for 95-F's and 2000 spec dash's. Why would anyone mess about giving money to Halfrauds when you can get the parts in one go from MG-R! No wonder they had cash flow concerns! :)
Steve Tyler

That includes the relay too?
Chris Heinrich Perkins

In answer to the relay question, Yes, that includes the relay, if you call 01902 717702 (MG Rover in wolverhampton) they will post for free and only charged me 10 quid for switch and relay which i thought was excellent...!

I managed to fit both the switch and the relay in the dark with a torch so its not too hard to do....

P.s. i have a silvet hardtop for sale at #650 and a black one for 550 if anyone interested, excellent condition. 07944 575 090 (its going to be cold one!)

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