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This is my second post (see first post below re gearbox problems)

Just to let anyone know who is interested that BAS are having a sale on MGF/mgtf hoods 1998-2004 only, they have Blue or Grey Mohair at 258 or all other colours at 329 all including the plastic rear window. Their website says that they were an O.E. supplier to Rover.

Seems like a good price given the cost of even second hand hoods on e-bay.

The web link is:

Hope this of use to some of you.


Andrew Smith

2000MGF Stepspeed
1962 Austin Healey Sprite MK2
1966 Jaguar S Type
A D Smith

I couldn't get your link to work try this one which worked for me ...
Jon Baker

Great tip Andrew, not least for all the colour options. I noticed a few MGFs onebay with 'new mohair hoods'.

How much is fitting to the frame ?

Has anyone changed their hood from black ?

Not being a hood expert can anyone explain the difference between mohair and the original material.
I notice Mike Satur has both Mohair and vinyl and his mohair with glass rear screen is the same price as the sportster hood shown here, while the vinyl is POA.
Also, is the frame restricts your choice - if your pre 98 the sportster is out.
I remember Rob Bell taking a hood home from treffen 2000, did you fit it yourself Rob ?
Jon Baker

have a look here for a post 98 hood for a pre 98 car ...
Jon Baker

Sorry to hijack this thread, hear are the virtues of mohair...

A superior quality canvas material considered to be the finest car hooding material available and used as original equipment by many of the worlds luxury car manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW etc. This fabric uses a polyester / acrylic surface cloth that offers the highest resistance to fading. We have seen 20 plus year old examples of hoods made from this fabric that still look as good as new. A unique herringbone pattern cloth interior lining adorns the inside of the fabric while a rubber membrane sandwiched between the two fabric layers ensures that the material will remain totally waterproof throughout its lifetime. Mohair does not require any special periodic treatments and is available in Black, Blue, Beige & Brown. Dark Red & Green Mohair hoods are also available to special order at 15% extra to standard prices.
Jon Baker

Jon Baker asked:-

Has anyone changed their hood from black ?

Yep, sure have - for a light grey one from the MGF Centre. My old black hood was on its last legs (several splits in screen, tensioner gone on driver's side, as floppy as you would expect for a 1995 hood - car is no. 431 off the line) and when the car went in for other work decided to change hood as well.

Light grey on Diamond White looks superb !!

M.J. Tait

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