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MG MGF Technical - MGF Hot restart problems

I keep having problems re starting my MGF after it has done a few miles and the engine is still warm. It turns over fine but will not fire straightaway. It sounds almost as if the petrol is not getting through. After a few attempts it does fire up but needs coaxings by pushing the accelerator pedal. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Its just had a full service. Its an MGF steptronic, 2000, W reg. Many thanks Tamsin

it could be the brown sensor - does the fan at the front opertate when you expect it to?

Or it could be the spark plugs or the leads need replacing
Will Munns

Copied from the twin cam 16v midget thread posted a few days ago, hope it helps

Dai D, Hereford and Worcester, United Kingdom,

This post is for information for fellow members who have a similar problem. I've been using my K16 1.4 engined midge for some time and have been very pleased with the car but for some time I had an intermittent problem where the car wouldn't start if the engine had been run a for a few miles and was warm. If the car was left for half an hour it would start again. This became a problem mainly in garages after fuelling up.
I systematically replaced everything electrical and discovered that the problem was the crank sensor - it looked perfectly OK, was positioned as expected but when replaced the problem went away. Ended a very frustrating few months.
Alex Sturgeon

Hot start problems _and_ recent service could also be a problem with the oxygen sensor.

I'd recommend to measure it's condition before buying any parts.

For your information

Alex Sturgeon

This thread was discussed on 29/10/2008

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