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MG MGF Technical - MGF induction kits.

I have had a flyer from a company claiming that the induction kit they supply increases the output by @ 9%
Has anybody got one fitted ?

Sorry can't remember the company name will look tonight

All I can say here is that the K&N 57i kit is reckoned to yield upto 8BHP. On an MGF that isn't going to be far off. But hey, buy for the glorious induction noise, not for BHP!
Andy Bourne

The ITG induction system, as opposed to a simple filter conversion, does from what I have seen and experienced, show better results than the already acclaimed K&N. However the cost per bhp gained will be somewhat higher!!

Even so I shall be going the ITG way soon for a number of reasons, mostly technical, but one positive point for me is the lack of induction noise with this system. Age dulls the need for sound, but doesn't dull the need for power!!

Roger Parker

I'm going to try out the 'flower pot' method of airbox enclosure... for 2 quid, you can't go wrong! ;o) Bought the bits from home base last night, more later.
Rob Bell

Does this mean that Bill & Ben will be joining you at the Essex Roadster meeting on Thursday Rob? :o)
There are people out there that think the F is just a two seater you know...



>>Does this mean that Bill & Ben will be joining you at the Essex Roadster meeting on Thursday Rob? :o)<<

Don't talk about 'Weed' now Kieron ;o) ;o)
Rob Bell

where can i get get an itg induction kit is there a web page who is the manufacturer? i also don't require the noise for the same reason as Roger.

311 inc vat for the MGF kit.


Power Train Projects sell the ITG Air box induction kit for the MGF 283.00 inc vat.

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