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MG MGF Technical - MGF Manual Rave CD

I have just purchased the MGF Manual Rave CD from ebay.
I must say its superb.
As you can see I live in the northwest, if anyone in the surrounding area would like me to COPY their disk for backup I will gladly do it for you.



Steve, I got the rave CD a while back. Great warned. You will have the BBS do-gooders jumping on you spouting all kinds of stuff about copyright blah blah blah.
D Jamieson

I've heard a rumour that 10+ copies may be floating around at Silverstone to be exchanged for a beer or glass of wine blah blah blah

JohnP - Herts

If you're only interested in the engine, then this is much quicker to download:
Will Munns

Surley its not illegal to make a backup copy of your disk, its be so easy to get them scratched or even warped by the midday sun accidents do happen....... lol

I mean 868 pages of technical information it just wouldn't be responsible of me not backup this invaluable data resource, and having the technical equipment to do this I would like to share this amongst my fellow f ers...

I would never knowingly infringe any copyright laws I am a good law abiding guy I drive an F that says it all..... lol

If anyone would like to discuss this matter in private I have left my email linked



No need to discuss in private.

It is generally legal to make a copy of a software disk that you own or are licensed to use.

It is generally illegal to copy anything owned by somebody else.

The RAVE CD was only available to MGR Dealers and not the general public so any copy floating around is almost certainly illegal.

The RAVE CD contains a number of statements as to copyright and a number of MGR logos so there is no doubt as to the ownership.

Enough of the legalities -

The RAVE CD was not commercially available so a few illegal copies floating around will have little or no effect on the commercial aspects of MGR.

The total effect would probably be that a few people who would have bought a hardcopy Workshop Manual from an MGR Dealer or other authorised source now wouldn't.

We all know it is illegal but we all know somebody who does it. We all know it is illegal to exceed posted speed limits but we all know somebody who does it. Obviously, wee don't actually do it ourselves :-)
JohnP - Herts

You would expect rover to be hammering the guy on eBay if they were bothered, after all he is pirating for profit.
Will Munns

I met up with a chap last night who bought the hardcopy Workshop Manual from an MGR Dealer.Which in essence was the PDF file pages from the RAVE CD put into a folder and he paid 35 for it.
Absolutley daylight robbery its bad enough with the prices the dealerships charge.

Lets hope there are a few people in silverstone with a few copies to exchange

I seem to recall seeing an advert in this month's MG Owners Club mag advertising what looked to be the RAVE CD with words to the effect of "MGR have now allowed public release". If I remember rightly it was about the same price as the hard copy, 50.

Tim Jenner

Must learn to type faster! :) Pretty sure the price from the MGOC was 50, is the hard copy normally only 35 from MGR?

Tim Jenner

Tim, interesting, I missed that, it could be the first stage in claiming damages against the eBay guy. Oh I wouldn't like to be him when Rover comes claiming 50 for every copy he has sold for 10!

Will Munns

And presumably he has an audit trail from eBay, where as there is no proof that anyone here has passed on any copy (although there might be a trail to them from eBay).
Will Munns

I bought my hardcopy for 35.

Yup just a bundle of photocopies by the looks of it.
paul weatherill

Put the bait on the hook...............cast the line and now im reeeling them in LOL

Something about a can and some worms.....I new this would stir up copyright debate ;-)
D Jamieson

>I new this would stir up copyright debate ;-)

Ah, not copyright debate, debate about copyright enforcment. I beleive there is something in copyright law that says you have to protect what you see as your copyright or it becomes public. Contrast this against patent law where you can encorage people to break you patents, and then chase them afterwards (see the whole RAMBUS patent issues)
Will Munns

I may be mistaken but I understand in Australia it is legal to make a copy of a copy, but not a copy of an original that you don't own....that's a mouthful. But working in IT we always make sure that a backup copy is available 'offsite'. As I type I'm storing an offsite copy for a guy in England...LOL cheers
John Meyer

Pity I can't make it to Silverstone I would have bought my burner a load of blanks oh yeh and the

I'm sure a few people will turn up with a batch of CDs and hand them out in exchange for the price of the blank CD. ie. a beer. ;-)
Paul Nothard

see you at the Bar! ;o) Dave.
DC Morris

For those who are interested, the MGOC advert on page 39 of the mag this month:

"Dealers have for some time had access to these manuals on CD and now MG Rover has extended the availability to MG and Rover owners. These manuals cover all areas of the cars and being in familiar PDF format they are easy to view and print specific pages when needed."

All are 49.95:
CD Comprehensive MGF W/S manual
Paper version of above
CD W/S manual MGZR/Rover 25
CD W/S manual MGZS/Rover 45
CD W/S manual MGZT/ZTT/Rover 75
CD W/S manual mgtf
CD W/S manual RV8

There's no specific mention of the term "RAVE" though - and incidentally, does anyone know what that actually stands for??

Tim Jenner

RAVE is a digital Karaoke System. Believe me ...

PS. I don't need any ;)
Dieter K.

Thanks for the "LOTUS ELISE" link, which is very helpful ;-)

But... does anyone know where to download the MGF manual ? I think it may be possible for someone to put this on a FTP ? Any informations about that ?

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