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I wonder if you can help.

I own an MGF 1.8i and over the weekend the alternator seized, i replaced the alternator with another on which the only difference i saw was a part number 38A as oppose to the original 39A. However in the process of removing the alternator i did not disconnect the battery and the wires arked briefly, also when removing the alternator one of the spayed ends came off, which i re attached using soldier. However now when i go to start the car and turn the immobiliser off with the remote the engine will not start, with this i mean it will not even attempt, just like the car is still immobilised or the starter motor is disconnected. Seems wierd as i can hear all the relays and fuel pump tick on, but the car will not start. The fuses all seem in tact.

Please Help.

Many thanks

I'm not certain, but I think that the fuel pump is not immobilized, so that might not tell you much.
You are aware there are two fuse boxes? There are two other fuses, one is next to the battery and is a 40 amp fuse in abox markewd 70amp max, and there is another on the TF bolted to the boot/engine bay (inside the engine bay) in the centre, I beleive this is 40 amps as well and protects the alternator.
Will Munns

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