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My MGF is just coming up for its initial 3000 mile/3 months service. Anyone know what they do? I've read somewhere its an oil change and check of the ride height, but can't remeber where i saw that.
David Evans

Hello David,

They replace oil and filter according to the intervalsheet and chech suspensionheight and adjust if necessary! Beware most 'F owners never let the dealers touch the rideheight because in many cases it is set to a sort of (rough terrain setting)

cheers Marten
Marten van der Velde

David, MGR' 'Maintenance Check Sheet' (blagg a copy from the service reception...) only specifies for 3kmls:- 'check suspension height and adjust if necesary - record details'

A local dealer told me they had even dropped this check but I took mine in anyway for the ride height check. Mine was 400mm all round on delivery and drove like a dog especially on the motorway. Now sorted out and at 359mm at 4000mls later it handles a lot better.

There is loads on ride height in the archives.

For assistance the ride height factory settings 1.8 and vvc (Trophy different) are measured wheel centre to wheel arch and are

Front 368mm +/- 10mm @17 dec C
Rear 363mm +/- 10mm @17 deg C

These alter with temp at a rate of 0.6mm/deg C. Thus at 7 deg C, front is 362mm +/- 10mm and Rear 357mm +/- 10mm.

Plus the manual is not clear whether to measure to the metal or plastic bit of the wheel arch - a 2mm difference.

The measuring process is quite precise; stand for 2hrs, bounce roll, no handbrake, bounce etc. Even then variations occur - average (temp corrected) readings over a few days.

However, as can be seen above and extensively in the archives it is an imprecise science with folk modifing height and geometry to preferences.

Also I wouldn't touch the oil until 12k mls especially not switching to fully synthetic or using additives as these would hinder the running/bedding in process and result in a less efficient engine.
Ian Walker


The service schedules are at for cars up to vin 522572, and for cars thereafter.

Knock off the header and footer in the print settings if you want to print them.

The later cars, one of which I assume is yours, David, do not have an oil change at 3000 miles. Whether you ask the dealer to change the oil and filter is up to you. I think I'd go for it.

Mobil, by the way, say that the idea that synthetic oils prevent the engine from bedding in is a complete myth, so the choice is wide open. Except for additives: don't even think of using them.

Regards, Kes.

me is amazed about the search result with keyword 'service schedule' on technical search engine.
Comes up just in second and third result link.

PS. also on and link on the entry site for MGF at the MG Cars BBS
Dieter Koennecke

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