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MG MGF Technical - mgf steering not centralised

Hi. My MGF steering wheel has never lined up fully square when the wheels are straight. It is only off by a small amount but it does irritate. The car drives perfectly straight with no hands on the wheel. Any ideas? Another thing. I just had the clutch slave cyklinder replaced. The pedal is still quite light. The garage told me it would take a while for the new cylinder to develop decent pressure. True or false?


If the garage has done it's job properly then their statement is false!
Ted Newman

Thanks, Ted


The most likely cause is that the steering wheel was not centred when the tracking was last adjusted.

Next time you have the ride height set, (which should be every year at least), remind them to set the steering wheel first.

Since this is one of the signs of a cowboy operator you may wish to check that some other "inconvenient" service items were attended to the easy ones to check on are: ride height, clean oil, greasing of suspension nipples.


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