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MG MGF Technical - MGF Technical

Why would a 1.6 engine be any cheaper than a 1.8 to produce? So why not use the 1.8 and downgrade the trim.
My question now, who has had experience with their MGF with rear shocks bursting through the top mounts, or at least cracking the mounts?
Answers please to the MGOC race team at Cambridge.
Darryl Davis


The remours I have heard are that the 1600 F will also have cheaper trim to get the price down. Heard mention of steel wheels.

Of course the car manafactures want you to choose the most expesive models because they have more margin in them - I am sure it will be no difference with Alchemy!



Does anyone know the details of the contract between Rover and Mayflower concerning body prices and if after a set period of time or a set number of cars produced the unit cost alters. IF such a scenario exists, and I know the enthusiasm from Mayflower to extend the range, (more bodies made by them) then there is room to both reduce reduce retail price and maintain sufficient margin. Then again who is to say what the margins are and what is acceptable??

Roger Parker

>> So why not use the 1.8 and downgrade the trim. <<

Hmm, which really nice items of the standard interior trim would they leave out?? It looks pretty grim without all the carbon fibre/wood effect/alu extras already, doesn't it??

Stefan Gibney

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