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MG MGF Technical - mgf turbo

at last after 1 month my f is turbo last night i had the first ride,today i've took it to the dyno and came out 218 bhp on the whell with 0.5 bar !!! cash out #2400 and still happy!!! pictures will placed shortly..


Solonas - fantastic! Please tell us more about it, the specification of the engine you've used and how it all came together!

I, for one, am very interested to hear more! :o)
Rob Bell

As my car is currently undergoing a heart transplant at Techspeed, I will soon have a spare engine to refurbish and venture further unto the 'darkside'

I too would be very interested in the details Solonas..

Stu Dickens

Hi Solonas,

I too would be very interested in hearing how the project has been possible on such a tight budget - most of the conversion packages I've seen had a much higher price tag. Is the engine a VVC? 218bhp at the wheels?? Isn't that close to 250bhp at the flywheel? Blimey, that'll shift an MGF !

I hope the Cypriot Police aren't reading this, as I recall they already have it in for MGF drivers...
Mike Hankin

before buying my f i had a honda civic model of 92
moted turbo,broken 2 engines and 3 gearbox!! police chasing once a week!! sold at the end at a good price (#6400) before 2 years!
now for my f, for the project [it's the only way to name a modification done first time in an mgf in cyprus] needed a : HKSturbo t3,manifold custom made by a cypriot 'magician' (owner of a ford escort rs cosworth racing at dragster with 900 bhp)downpipe even custom made, mitsubishi vr-4 injectors find in a good price for #120,intercooler GREEDY for #210, headcasket from mg dealer for #80 ,management (similar to E-MANAGE)but for europan cars for #170,a good work in the engine, special order of J.E pistons for #800 even a oil cooler taken from a beetle just for #30! some more things done and total spend #2400 . for other informations just ask...


Great Job Solonas.
How did you manage Closed loop fueling? i.e. beyond 80% throttle opening, ECU uses preset fueling.
I believe you have changed the MAP sensor on the manifold and controlled that 5V signal through your E-manage. Unfortunately people with MEMS1.9 have the MAP on the ECU and is hard to tap into, so hard to change ;-)
David Peters

I meant Open Loop Fueling of course. D´oh

I believe EUR 2400 requires some used parts (if that´s the right word) and a some good personal (or friends´) skills.

VVC is hard to Turbo since cams have (on rev occasion)high overlap. Turbo´s obviously don´t like high overlap


David, it looks as though Solonas has got around the MEMS issue by using an after market ECU:

>> management (similar to E-MANAGE)but for europan cars for #170 <<

I am not familiar with this at all, but presumably it has been completely mapped for open and closed loop running.
Rob Bell

E-MANAGE is an additional box that plugs inline, also called "piggy-back"... so it doesn't replace MEMS.

I've heard that it was possible to remap the ECU ?? An F owner told me that he had it done by Fochesato in France

BTW, if my TF can be turbo'ed for 2400 EUR, I'm starting to spare right now ;o)

2400 cyprus pound no euro.

in euro is about 5000

Oops. Nevertheless attractive!

At open loop I believe MEMS only looks at MAP, ECT, not at lambda. Since the MAP on my 1.9MEMS is glued onto the ECU, the signal cannot be intercepted and changed with the piggyback I have. What Solonas did is installing i.e. a 2,5 bar map sensor onto the manifold, plugging in 4 bigger injectors, trim MAP voltage transmitted to the ECU according to AFR and presto you´re set to go into boost.

If any one has more info on the internals of the 1.9MEMS especially the fixation of the sensor that would be nice. I´ll be opening it up over the weekend anyway.

I wonder if a MKY2000 MEMS is plug and play on my ´99 MPI. I believe they come cheap.


Stu I think that if you get into blueprinting your spare engine you will be surprised at what can be acheived.

nevertheless turbocharging/supercharging is a serious bit of darkside you could experiment with. I suspect though horribly short life expectancy and overheating issues with our clostophobic K series


David, I recall that Dieter had pictures of a 'spare' MEMS1.9 that he took to pieces - have you seen these? Might not have all the detail you need though.
Rob Bell

Yep seen the pics Rob, it doesn´t look very promising, I thought the sensor would be screwed into place, not the case unfortunately. I didn´t see any details of screws
David Peters

I am not sure whether Dieter has any more detail, but at the moment, he's driving across Europe to join in the MGF10 celebrations, so it may be a while before he sees this thread...
Rob Bell

>>2400 cyprus pound no euro. <<
oops, thinking too fast and alreading dreaming of a turbo :o)


Im messing up Solonas thread. Sorry for that.

Took the ECU out. Didnt find my battery charger for my camera, so unfortunately no pictures. Fettled off the alli cover, which is very thin and IMO not made for reuse.
The MAPsensor in my 99 1.9MEMS is like a black miniature table, meaning is has four plastic leggs, standing about 1/4 inch above the ECU print. On one side of the table, three connections go to the ECUs print. Those should be earth,neg and signal. So for pre year 2000 cars it should be easy to tap into or, install a MAP sensor on the manifold and run three wires from the MAP to the ECU. This would enable you to do as Solonas (did he?), install an i.e. 2,5 bar MAP sensor which has the same 0-5V signal as the original. As the voltage at vacuum will be lower, youd need to install bigger injectors (as he did) and play around with MAP/lambda to get fueling right. This method is widely adopted through piggyback tuners.
.......more to come
David Peters

I have a 2001 1.8 mpi with a very sick engine which is going to be replace with a brand new 1.8 k turbo straight out of the factory, it comes complete with feul rail injectors loom and so on, so any advise on what is required to comlete the job would be greatly rececived

Bushie,if you intend to fit that engine into your *F* (if that is what you drive) note that it might not fit. I understand the engine comes with the turbo ECU right?
David Peters

David may be right - but hopefully nothing a custom manifold wouldn't sort out. Plenty of folks out there who could fabricate. I've used Dave at Powerspeed for my 4-2-1 manifold - and an excellent bit of kit it is!
Rob Bell


Never heard of possibility to remap any Rover ECU. Or can this be done with a T4?

MEMS3 can be remapped. Earlier versions of MEMS (1.9 and 2J as used on 1.8MPi and VVC engines respectively) cannot be remapped.

Note that the K-series turbo engine does not use MEMS - instead it employs a Siemens ECU. Your best option is either to obtain the Siemens ECU with the engine you are buying, or consider purchasing a completely mappable ECU - such as the ever-popular Emerald M3D as a replacement.
Rob Bell

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