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MG MGF Technical - MGF warranty and treatment


I have just purchased an MGF about 2 weeks ago. It comes from Belgium and I love it already.

Can someone advise me what warranty I should have with it? The people I bought it from say 2yrs manufactures, I have asked for proof of this and am still waiting.

MG head office warranty Dept say 1yrs.

Also how do I ensure my car is registered for warranty. I was tolld this could be done at any dealership. One lot were very uninterested in me when they found out the car come from Belgium. They told me to post details to register to Longbridge.

If I need to claim under warranty how am I going to be treated? Currently it seems I will be treated in quite an unfriendly and uninterested manner.

Also can someone tell me about extending warranty and how much it will cost.

Has anyone else had warranty issues ot garages that are not interest in helping them solve their problems as they did not buy the car from them?

This make me a bit concerned.

A Hutton


I've responded to your posting on the MGOC forum.

It's quiet over there isn't it?

Sam Murray

Yep it is quiet, Thanks Sam, I'll go have a look now :-)

AG Hutton

I'm going to have a look as well, just to see what you two are whispering behind our backs :-)
David Clelland

Sam Murray


I imported my F from Holland at a time when you only got one year manufacturer's warranty. I claimed my free 3000K service at Marshall's Rover Cambridge, no problem. At Mantle's Rover, Biggleswade, I claimed for a new throttle cable, a new bootlid catch, a new head gasket and a new VVC head all in that first year!!!

There were no additional problems with the warranty because I imported except that I am now, of course, 'on my own'! This is despite the fact that I had not 'registered' in any way with MG-R, the 12000mile service had been done at an independent garage (Brown and Gammons) and I'd fitted a non-standard air filter.

You do now get two years warranty on any car bought in the EU (I imported a MG ZS a year ago). You do not need to register this in any way. You could probably confirm this most easily by looking up the FAQ's on a website of a company that imports cars.

Just get the car well looked over one month before the warranty runs out!

Enjoy! And don't worry about my list of problems - I still love the car!

David Bainbridge

David C, let us know if you find something of interest!! :-)

David B, ta very much, glad you still love your car dispite the problems.

Still love mine, and yes seems very much we are "on our own", oh well not too bad.

Panicked yesterday as I closed the boot on the hood cover and did not pull the cover far enough into the boot before doing so. So the back end of the boot sat up a bit odd. Talk about trying to unlock it very quickly.

Still love it. This weekend she will be three weeks old for me. This confuses people, an MGF 1.8i registered in Feb 2003, brand new, 1st owner and I am happy.

Happy driving guys.....

AG Hutton

This thread was discussed between 06/03/2003 and 07/03/2003

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