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MG MGF Technical - MGF won't start!

Hiya 'all,

Have just got garage to install new coolant pipe as the old had very slight leak. That's great, but then the car wouldn't start as alternator wasn't giving enough power to charge the battery. That's been changed, but now the car tries to start when you turn ignition on but it just won't start. Fuel pipe OK, fuel pump OK, tons of petrol. Still at the garage and the garage are as confused as me. Any ideas? The immobilizer wouldn't be causing the problem?

Any quick suggestions would be greatly received. Ta.

Are they able to detect a spark? If not, it is possible the immobiliser is preventing normal starting - I've seen some very odd behaviour from an F following low battery issues. Usually cured by disconnecting the battery overnight to let the system totally power down, then it'll power up properly & work normally when a fully charged battery is attached the next day. Fingers crossed it's that simple...

Hi there,

Thanks for your advice. I have finally got the car home from the garage. Suddenly it started working after about two hours. I assume it was the immobiliser going mad?

The little trip to get the garage to fit a stainless steel coolant pipe ended up with a new alternator and lots of labour. Aparently the original alternator was only raising 9V, and so the battery went dead when he was running the engine to bleed and then refill the coolant. This must have mucked up the immobiliser? God, is this gonna happen again when I need a new battery?

bestest j9

If it does give a problem just follow the above procedure again.
Ddraig G

If your battery was a bit elderly before it started having 9v pushed into it (which is certainly not good for them), I'd be budgeting for a new one fairly soon - summer use isn't too demanding, if it's going to let you down you can bet your best pants it'll be when it's too wet & cold to be waiting around for a man in a van to arrive with a new battery...

This thread was discussed on 22/08/2008

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