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Sorry folks,

But I find it very disturbing that major performance manufacturers completely ignore the MGF not to mention Rover Motors.
I am a prospective buyer and this has completely put me off.

Bilstein (shock absorbers) and KONI (shock absorbers) do not provide for MGF's !
The same goes for IBACH (anti-roll kit, straut braces).
Other performance product manufacturers who don't give a damn about MGF's include:
SPAX, JAMEX, AVO, SPARCO, MOMOCORSE, OMP, MAGNEX (see demontweeaks for details) .

Could you please let me know why this is so. It is often that before I buy I check the after market products as I am a big fan of improvements!

Is it Rover's bad PR policy or is it that the MGF is not a mass produced car, or perhaps because it is so unique in terms of its suspension????

ed lisson

Funny, I could have sworn that I had Koni adjustable suspension fitted 3 years ago. I wonder what I was fiddling about with on track days then !!!

18 MGF

Hi Ed

Where have you been looking? Usually in catalogues like Demon Tweeks, only the biggest selling product lines are listed... hence the lines of Ford, Vauxhall/Opel, BMW etc.

However, you will be happy to discover that shock absorbers from Spax, AVO, Eibach, Koni etc ARE available for the MGF!

Strut braces are not available- perhaps one to consider for the rear of the MGF (not just the front).

Suspension kits are available from Techspeed, Brown and Gammons and Moss International- ie specialists for MGFs.

Direct contact with a number of the manufacturers listed may actually reveal that they do do products for the MGF- or have components that could be made to fit.

I have listed a few specialists in MGFs on my web page (


Rob Bell

Ed if you want to 'customise' then go direct to
N500MG very customised!

Hey, that advertising needs a balance :)))
covers as other sides too several addons from famous and unknown companies.
OK, only in german :) But may be an advantage as the DM value decreases 'endless'.

Just this morning I found (new for me) at Moto-Concept.... (app. prises inl. 16 percent vat)
DM 970 Sports cat
DM 400 'special K&N'
DM 980 'Throttle flap (increased diameter)
DM 260 (cat bypass)

According to the parts you'll see that all this modifications are designed for the Elise. So you'll find loads of engine mods at other companies too. I wonder wether one or the other part is well known by Mike :) .. ?
Hi, DOT.


Hi all,
To me it seems to be a lot of good things on the after-market, maybee only a bit hard to find . See all good info above ..

For the KONIīs thereīs following info: KONI Sport (yellow adjustable ) 8041 1219 SPORT. Easily adjustable from boot and rear lid. Donīt use hardest setting on bumpy roads as upper bracker (rear) is a bit weak and can crack if not fitted with strengthener or additional weld. Together with some other alterations to chassies it makes wonders ! Just pump one of the "original" dampers and You understand why ...

Regards , Carl.

You obviously have not been looking in the correct places. I could understand this for US manufacturers because the MGF is not on sale in the us.

I have managed to find many performance parts for the MGF all over the place, try looking on some of the MGF owners home pages. How far do you want to go, Stage II head, Turbocharger, Supercharger etc. etc. You name it, most of it is easily available if you have the cash.

Tony Smith

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