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MG MGF Technical - MGF, non starter, no power, no clue!!

I have an MGf, whch has been an absoubloute pleasure over the last 3 years, when all of a sudden it stooped starting. the battery was changed, the electrics checked, the spark plugs changed, sensors replaced, apparently it was getting flooded. i took it to a MG garage, and they had a look, with no joy! (a phantom problem!)

the only piece of info i have now is to get it started do not push on the clutch or accelerator, keep the key turning, and after 5-10 minutes of turning it over, it usually fires up, when it does, keep the key in till the engine is pretty much screaming and gently give it some accelerator revs.

This can't be right!!, while queing in traffic, when my foot is not on the accelerator, the rev counter is up and down like a yoyo, and occasionally in first or second the car wil lose power completly and either stall or bunny hop, till it finds power again!

all electrics, sensors, spark plugs and the rest are brand new! the engines been cleaned out internally! and so has my wallet! any ideas.....i do not want to sell my beloved MGF!!!!


Kye Blackett

Turn the key till lights come on push load pedel 5 times up and down slowly then start car might do the trick .
sr foster 81

My car was recently suffering from fluctuating revs when idling. I found cleaning the contacts for the throttle position sensor cured it.
As you say you have replaced all the sensors I am assuming you have replaced this?
Another posibility is the idle air control valve.
Steve White

If the problem is caused by flooding then take a look at the vacuum tube from the manifold to fuel pressure control valve or possibly a fault with the control valve itself.
Ken Waring

I had a problem that after running the engine for a 10 - 15 minutes it would just cut out. This turned out to be a faulty fuel sensor that was asking for too much fuel when the engine was warm, which in turn caused it to flood and cut out. This problem took about 3 months before it totally failed but the point is that the sensor was tested by rover garages at the time and they couldn't pick up any problems. Try and get the sensors checked to make sure that they are not calling for too much fuel and flooding from the start or doing something else intermittently.

could be a MAP sensor problem, or a faulty injector, or any number of things.

you can't mean 10 minutes surely!

if the engine is flooding then taking out the fuel pump fuse will allow you to crank it until the excess petrol is clear, it will stumble as the mix gets 'right' for a moment and then you can put the fuse back in and try again - this should get you started if it is normal flooding, but not cure the odd running.

Check the engine to make sure there is no air leak near the MAP sensor, and the MAP sensor (or sensor pipe) is well seated
Will Munns


Did you buy any duff petrol from Tescos/Morrisons
etc. during February. The symptons you describe
sound similar to what happened to my "f" with the
rev.counter wandering all over the place. New
oxygen sensor fitted and relieved of 223 for parts
and labour which I hope to recoup from Tesco as I
kept the receipts. They said they would pay up if
you produced evidence of where you bought their


Bill Pearson
W.A. Pearson

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