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MG MGF Technical - MGTF 135 suspension question

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me with this question?
I have just purchased my first mgtf 135 and I am really disappointed with the suspension, ie it is rubbish! (speed bumps-nightmare!)
Is there anything I can get done about this and is this normal?????

Many thanks for your replys in advance,
rj platt

Hello Rosie,
Give Victoria a call at the MGF Centre as they do a full lowering kit which includes; Springs(Your choice of spring rate), Dampers and setting up.
They are very nice and give good sensible advice on all things MGF/TF.

Good luck,
DJC Dorrell

Forgot to say Rosie that the kit will make the car more stable and speed bumps shouldn't be a problem.

DJC Dorrell

Don't forget the phone number Duncan :o)

01902 403045


Even better ask your dealer about the X=Power spring upgrade. Its £140+ fitting (a lot less than the MGF Centre's kit) and improves the ride quality no end. It does lower the car by 20mm or so but since having it fitted to mine I have had no problems with speed humps.
Check the 'TF Lowered Suspension' thread for more deatails and fitting prices.
Steve White


I agree with Steve, I have this spring upgrade fitted to my TF and it's excellent.

You can either contact your dealer or MG Sport and Racing direct - let me know if you want their details.

Kind regards,

Angela Hartnup 1


First thing Iíd do is get the car checked to see if it is Ok before throwing money at it modifying it.

Especially as such modifications will invalidate any warranty you have, although I think you warranty will still be valid if you go for the x-power springs as these are affliated with MG Rover.

Get it checked first though, as even the standard suspension shouldnít be causing you problems.

If you donít have any luck getting the dealer to sort it out, take it to some of the specialists, such as Techspeed, Mike Satur or Brownís and Gammons, they will be at least able to give you a professional opinion of what is wrong with you car.

What exactly is the problem? Too hard? too bouncey? not holding the road?

What suits one person doesnít suit another, so be careful modifying the car only to regret it later.

A lot of the people (like myself for example) will sacrifice everything for handling,

Whereas some people prefer a little comfort ;-)

paul weatherill

Rosie, my TF135 was bought new in April. Ran it in on the Highlander 2004 event over some amazing hump back roads through Glen Goe and round Applecross peninsula. Now done 4000 miles without any complaints. Had an F before so I am making a direct long term comparison not just a short road test or magazine comparison.

Speed humps are not a problem provided they are taken at the design speed. I may get the car lowered for it's first birthday but until then feel no need to throw money at the suspension.

What were you driving before the TF (just purchased my first MGTF 135) and using as a comparison?

Hi Rosie,

I found the ride of my TF was a little bouncy from new, however it settled down over a period of time (6 months). I have looked at having the X Power kit fitted, and it seems like people have a good experience of this.

Duncan - how have you found the MGF Centre springs on your TF?


Hello Ken,
I run an F myself but the feedback from Jan Ward and others are very good for the MGF Centre kit.

DJC Dorrell

I have a feeling that Rosie thinks the suspension is too hard... eg. mentioning that speed bumps are a nightmare.

Before we know what Rosie wants from the car, I don't think we can comment.


Paul Nothard

Hi Duncan,

Whilst eating my lunch I have been having a look at the very good and informative MGF Register web site. And just found that you are the Register committee member in charge of regalia. In such a capacity I think you are giving a very bad impression of the register by pushing one aftermarket supplier over all the others out there? From what I can see from the site the register supports all MGF/TF owners countrywide. So why all the blatant pushing the MGF Centre? Does it really need the publicity? I see Jan Ward is also a committee member.

Apart from anything else you have no idea where Rosie is located in the country or what maybe wrong with her car. You donít even have a TF. The MGF Centre could be very far away and another supplier may be closer.

Sorry Rosie to throw this into your thread but I was very surprised in my lunch hour to see the link between this and other threads open at the moment and the MGF Register.

By the way great site.!


A fairly traditional and poorly formulated complaint Alan.

Are you suggesting that anybody who helps on a committee is unable to have opinions and/or offer advice?

This is not the MGF Register BBS it is a self help group of people with an interest in MGs. At no point does Duncan link himself to the register in this thread.

Almost by definition, people with an active interest in a hobby end up on committees assocoated with that hobby - do they then have to become less helpful than before, do they have to wipe their memories of anything to do with that hobby, do they have to stop participating in public fora?

Perhaps you would have been less surprised if it had not been your lunch hour?

Even if your complaint had any merit (obviuosly it doesn't) then the position of regalia secetary would not automaticaly invalidate that pesons comments on suspension.


<<Apart from anything else you have no idea where Rosie is located in the country >>

"rj platt, Cheshire, United Kingdom " seems clear enough to me.

Was this a liquid lunch you were having? Or had the sun got to you? Or did you have an HGF this morning?


think if you see other thread "dodgy brakes"

<<Take it up to the mgf centre to sort it>>

is the only comment made.

on a technical forum, wouldn't say thats constructive advice on how to resolve a problem really.

There seems to be a spate of the "We love the MGF Centre" posts every so often.

If everyone posted the "we love ......." then the forum would just become spam central.

As for the links between the MGFCC and the F-Register, as you say nothing new there.

I met Duncan at Silverstone and he seemed quite an enthusiast and more than capable of supplying at least a semi-technical answer.

Why the sudden spate of blatant plugs for the MGFCC, dunno maybe Duncan's recently had some work done he's happy with, dunno. Guess only Duncan can answer that one.

I do understand where Alan is coming from really.
Others offered constructive support on how to resolve the problem, we didn't just try and plug our prefered supplier.

paul weatherill

Whats this, pick on Duncan day? For the misinformed I am not doing the Regalia know due to work commitments.
I only said take it to the MGF Centre due to the person living in the midlands and it may have been easier for them. Plenty of people reccomend other places such as Techspeed, etc so whats the problem! Sorry for having to put this on your thread Rosie and perhaps we can get back to the discussion...

DJC Dorrell

Know should read- now.
Midlands- Dodgy brakes.
DJC Dorrell

Hi Duncan,

Sorry the contacts page on the registar is still listing you as in charge of Regalia. And no I was not picking on you. It just the somewhat odd, in my mind your first post. When Rosie asked a question, instead of a what about this what about that reply it was straight in there with the MGF Centre.

And no not liquid lunch just not reading all in info.

But I still think the MGF Registar should not be seen to push one supplier but you are right everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

Anyway have a good weekend.

Yours, Alan.

Cheers Alan

Roof down for the weekend it seems. i shall drive my wife o somewhere near a cool stretch of water and have a nice lunch with a modicom of drink.

All the best to evetybody

Where is Glen Goe? Is it near Glas Goe?

Hi Jock

last time I was there I bought a case of the local falling down water and always take some before typing - at least, that's my excuse

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