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MG MGF Technical - MGTF 160 Brakes on an MGF


I'm looking into buying an MGF, and can't afford a TF160, I was wondering if its possible to fit the AP callipers and disks that come on the TF160 to an MGF VVC, probably 99/00, or if theres a cheaper way to get nice looking brakes like these, I think a good set of brakes make the car look good.


Looking forward to getting an F before the spring
R Billington


The AP calipers only fit under Trophy or TF160 wheels so budget for a complete set of alloys when upgrading.

Alternatives are available.

Mike Satur does a good set of bigger disks with a bracket to reposition the calipers. Gives increased swept area and improved braking. Fits under normal wheels.

Other alternative brakes are available.

Search archive for keywords like BIG BRAKES or AP CALIPERS etc etc

also look on Rob Bell's site for Brake Options under the DIY pull down.


The MGF Trophy 160 also came with these AP callipers, so you may want to look at those cars as well. They seem to be holding their price well too, so might be a better investment in the long term.

I am currently in the process of upgrading my brakes to AP callipers. To do the upgrade, you'll need the callipers themselves, brake pads to fit, and 304mm brake discs. There's a full set on ebay at the moment and they seem to come up fairly regularly:

As John states, only specific wheels will fit over these larger callipers, so you'll probably need to budget to upgrade the wheels as well. (See the "MG TF wheels fit 2000 MGF?" thread).

In all, you're probably looking at a minimum of about 500 to do the upgrade. This can be offset slightly by selling your original wheels.

Hope that helps

Ian Matheson

Hi Rich,

I saw the eBay ad Ian mentions too, and it seems the listing is only for the calipers, but the discs & pads are available too presumably at extra cost. Last I heard, Victoria at MGF Centre had IIRC a 2000 mile old full set for 265 plus VAT - once you discover how much new discs & pads are, suddenly looks very good value.

Might be worth considering better pads in the rears too.
Mike Hankin

can you get drilled and groved 304mm discs? I bought a set on ebay for 214 i havent tried to fit them yet but will they fit behind my 16" TSW Fusions?
Nick Lewis

Nick, not come across any direct alternatives to the MGRover OEM items yet (and I have been looking quite hard!). 304mm is a common size rotor for manufacturers like AP Lockheed, but seems they're tied into a contract with MGRover

The 16" Fusions aren't on the usual list of 'fit or can be made to fit', maybe Rob will be along shortly with a less vague answer
Mike Hankin

The AP discs will fit into 16 inch multi spoke MGF wheels with a 4mm spacer. MGF centre fitted mine with no problems at all.

Dave Morris has a set of AP callipers under his TSW wheels - don't think they are Fushions though. Have a look -
David Clelland

I have also been looking hard for alterntive 304mm discs (you may have seen my recent rant on the MGF General board!), but without success. If you get them new from MGR, they're 300!!!

I did notice, though, in the March edition of Total MG that Andy Blackburn has drilled discs under his AP callipers. I think he got them from Mike Satur, but when I called MS, they didn't have any 304mm discs in stock...
Ian Matheson

Would be very interesting to discover whether there is an alternative source of 304mm discs - but as Mike indicates, I gather that AP have been in no hurry to share the rights to production of these discs.

Worryingly, I've heard that AP have gone into receivership - anyone know any more?
Rob Bell

The only thing that I can find is that AP Racing Ltd was sold to Brembo last year for 26m...
Ian Matheson

May be AP the clutch friction company is separate from AP Racing? Or rather, it is as of last year's sell off!
Rob Bell

The site was klast updated March this year list 304mm discs

Mike (Mersea)

Hmmm... getting more confused...

The AP Racing site lists their kit for the MGF as 'CP5108 - 1001'. This has a 295mm cross-drilled disc, 'CP3124-894/5'. The wheel size listed for the kit is '6J x 15" VVC Standard Wheel.

The site lists 9 304mm discs that have the same mounting PCD (177.8mm) as the disc above.

I've contacted a few of the disributors to see what is available and what the associated costs would be. I'll post the results when/if I get them.

Ian Matheson

>> The AP Racing site lists their kit for the MGF as 'CP5108 - 1001'. <<

I suspect that this 'kit' is the racing brakes from the MGF Cup cars. Unfortunately, the calipers are not weather proofed, but as Duncan can tell you, they can work very well on a road car.
Rob Bell

you could always try emailing your wishes to

Mike (Mersea)

Good idea - I've mailed them, and just about all the listed distributors. I'll let you know if I get anything back...
Ian Matheson

The 'racing' versions are ok if it is not on the road every day and they do stop on a sixpence along with being fantastic on track. But as Rob says they are not weatherproofed and for everday use either get the road version or give Victoria a ring at the MGF Centre where you can get new or second hand sets.

Hope this is of help,

ps: Rob, see you at Silverstone in April.
DJC Dorrell

See you there Duncan! :o) I've just cleaned the air filter, so watch out! ;o) LOL
Rob Bell

Response from AP Racing:

"The AP Racing brake components of this vehicle are only available from Rover Dealerships."

Seems like MGR have the market pretty much sewn up...

Ian Matheson

Sorry to hear that Ian, looks like second hand is the way to go. :-(
Mike (Mersea)

The AP Racing MG TF brake components are exclusively supplied to Rover Cars, likewise with the spares.

Because of our OE contracts with Rover Cars, AP Racing offers no aftermarket brake upgrades for this vehicle.

Drilled discs will not improve brake performance when used with modern pad materials. But they may generate unacceptable brake noise a certainly reduce disc and pad service life.

A brake pad upgrade will improve stopping performance.

A full competition pad is available, but be aware these will reduce the service life of the disc.

Pad set Part # CP7600D46-DS3000. List 88.41 + vat.


Mark Goldswain

AP Racing Sales

Tel 02476 882701

Fax 02476 639559

Nick Lewis

Look forward to it Rob! See you there mate. Take care.
DJC Dorrell

The AP Racing 304mm fronts use 32mm (1.25ins) pistons as opposed to std 48mm, reducing clamping, but there is more torque from bigger disc.

Appox calcs show std Front rear split 62/38 compared to AP 65/35.

The suspension set ups are not the same between F & TF and Rob's site has implications of bias.

Drilled discs will not improve brake performance when used with modern pad materials - assumption no outgassing?

A brake pad upgrade will improve stopping performance?

A full competition pad is available but are they road legal and effective when cold?

Never had a problem with non "weatherproofed" on road, but weatherproofed may not handle very high temperatures.


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