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MG MGF Technical - MGTF Boot Dimensions

Dear Sirs

Maybe rather a stupid question but your help would be appreciated.
We are going on vacation in the UK (Silverstone included) and have the chance to hire an mgtf but we need to know the boot dimensios to see if our luggage fits!!
If you could please give us the approx dimensions or let us know if you think two cases (60cmx40cmx25cm), not completely hard, could be leveraged in.

Thankyou very much
Denis Bainbridge


I'm in the office at moment, returning home in about 1 hour. Will run a rule over the load space.

FYI I gave up on cases and use 2 quite large soft valises from Antler. They are exactly the depth of the space, half the width and about 2/3 the height. Also slightly squashy.
John Ponting

Those look like very little cases, the F/TF boot will take a weeks camping stuff.
Sports bags are easier to fit because they squash more easily and then to be smaller width wise then the narrowest section of the boot.
Will Munns


I've e-mailed you some pictures along with the rough dimensions.
David Clelland

The capacity of the boot is 210 litres.

This may give you an idea of the luggage you can fit in it:

The *very* approximate dimensions of the boot are:
Width: 125cm (ie across car)
Depth: 35cm (ie from back to front)
Height: 45cm (ie from top to bottom)

(I'm sure Mr Clelland's measurements will be much more accurate!)
Ian Matheson


My reply to your e-mail has just been bounced back. Here it is for all the world to see -


Obviously, the boot is not uniform in measurement. However, this is a rough guide to it's size -

Height - 425mm
Width - 1250mm
Depth - This varies from 310mm at the bottom and then about half way up changes to 380mm

The boot is actually quite spacious and my wife and I have spent some great weekends away in the car, but we tend to take soft holdalls which can be pushed into corners. Here's a couple of pictures that I've taken to give you some idea of size. The case in the pictures is 530mm x 370mm x 230mm. Hope this helps and if you make it to Silverstone that we get to meet up. Dave Morris's BBQ on Saturday is always a favourite to meet old friends and make new one.

David Clelland"

Pictures can be found at -

p.s. Our boot measurements aren't that different Ian :-)
David Clelland

cr*** david

all that "dig that hole in the road" training has come usefull at last,

see you at the long johns seat next to the fire.

got menus for the csmgf xmas party at drovers just in case you change yur mind, you know retirement can alter your attitude to spending money

your friend , soon to be a walker but at present only a w******r

Thanks to everyone for the rapid response. It looks like our best bet will be to let my wife take here case and I'll use a sports bag. In the worst case I'll just have to empty it and fill in all the spaces. Sure think it will be worth for albeit only 16 days with an MGTF

Best regards to all
Denis Bainbridge

Retired I wish,

Big decision will be made tonight regarding the restructure - so keep everything crossed. I'm also up for the thing that we talked about the other day. We can talk more about it next week :-)

Just to rub salt in the wound. I'm off today so I thought that I would give the car a wee polish.
David Clelland

I recall there was a BBS member with some images about luggage load to the MGF ?? Can't find it though.

This one shows the options with the mentioned luggage kit

And when it's not enough, try to lend a luggage rack additional.
There's a special made OEM for MGF and another aftermarket that can be found in the same dimensions for the MX5 or bimmer Z3.
I'm sure you can source one in Spain also.

The front has a lot of space also, depending on the version of TF you get. +20 to 30 liter should be possible, even it's not _allowed_ cause of crumple zone terms.


I saw some cool suckers in the ford garage.

Basicly four sucker/clamps whick affix to any shiny surface and come with straps you hold a suitcase/surfboard (both pictured) on the roof/boot.
Will Munns


Confirm the advice to use soft bags. If it helps, this is my packing list for a week camping and climbing:

- Bottom layer in boot: One side; rucksac (engine wall) pillows (rear), middle; sleeping bags, other side; tent (engine wall) carry mats (rear).
- Top layer: Clothes bag, food.

Means that squidgy things on the bottom layer go in after the harder objects, so can be sqeezed past the lights and into the slope. Soft bag on top layer no problems and it is usually possible to fiddle the food so that one can close the boot (eat anything that really will not fit...). No good if you have a CD autochanger. Not so good if it is raining and one wants to put the tent up in a hurry. Further problem is that to be this organised brings the risk of being viewed, at best, as pedantic. However, at least I know I can get everything in without much bother :-).

Have not used my boot rack for years.

Chris Reeves

Sleeping bags squeezed into the spare tyre well, shoes all round the horns etc.

B&Q foldable BBQ behind the passanger seat flanked by two folding chairs.
Boot holds clothes for two, plates/pans/cooking, tent, folding table etc etc.
Will Munns

MGF boot holds everything that two of us need for an extended tour of Europe - toothbrush and credit card:-)

Seriously we (like John Ponting) use two holdalls which fit beautifully across the boot and leaves space for top coats, lap-top bag etc.

For the camping trips we leave the MGF at home and use the Peugeot to tow our caravan!
Ted Newman

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