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MG MGF Technical - MGTF Bumper Armature

I'm about to do the old MGF to mgtf conversion at the front end. I've got the bumper, lights/brackets, wiring etc. I need a front bumper armature to be able to fit the front TF bumper onto the F.

I've tried the usual people (Satur, MGF centre to name just 2) but there seems to be a shortage of these at the moment.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find one?
Chris Heinrich Perkins

If anybodies got one I want one of the standard MGF ones.
Steve Ratledge

hi i'll buy the front armature from your f. what colour? how much?


You want the old one?

I was wondering if I should keep it with the old bumper so that I or a future owner can revert to 'F' should they choose.

What do F armatures sell for then?
Chris Heinrich Perkins

Hi Chris, when I did my conversion Mike supplied two brackets that required welding to the existing armature to fit the TF bumper, this could be another option if you ca't locate a tf armature

Oliver Hamilton

Chris if you have the old F armature get your bodyshop to fab up two brackets so the TF bumper will fit..simple;-)

Mike no longer has the brackets either!

Is it that simple to make brackets without having the TF part for comparison?
Chris Heinrich Perkins

Mate, you are in the east !!!
I'm rather sure they will have better qualification there to improvise than anywere else (in D).

Yes, they could probably make a Ferrari out of a Trabbi!

Ok, then I'll get the bumper and show it to people over here...In the mean time, I'm still looking for a TF bumper Armature if anyone knows where I can get one.
Chris Heinrich Perkins

yeah want the old armature as long as its not bent or nothing or been in a bump and depending on how much want for it? Colour?


There is a Blue 04TF in a brekers in Erith Kent that I took some bits out of at the weekend if that is any use to you, front bumper is still there with the headlights!!

Not sure of the name of the breakers (used to be Emmings) but can probably gove you directions?



I think I've been there before when I used to live in Welling!

Can you email be there number?

Chris Heinrich Perkins

Oh, and the old one (the MGF one) is Tahiti blue.

If I decide to sell it, I'll let you know in here.
Chris Heinrich Perkins

ok cheers if so email

I think Aaron solved it!

I found the breakers with the TF in Erith and have got them to send the armature to a mate, who will drive over with it later this month!
Chris Heinrich Perkins

I still want one if anybodies got an other MGF undamaged one.
Steve Ratledge

This thread was discussed between 13/01/2006 and 18/01/2006

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