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MG MGF Technical - MGTF Exhaust

I own a 2003 mgtf with 10K on the clock, I've only had it for a year and in that time only done approx. 3k in it. I thought I'd give it a general once over and have noticed that there's more exhaust flow coming from the left pipe than from the right (when looking at the back of the car), is this usual, or do I have a problem?

Any help would be much appreciated

James Kerry

Nothing to be really concerned about to be honest. The silencer box contains a series of baffle plates - but is effectively just a big box into which exhaust gases are pumped. These gases then exit the box by one or other of the tail pipes. Clearly, the LHS pipe is the easiest point of exit for the gases. :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks for the response, had hoped it was nothing serious

TF's also have a valve in the RHS tailpipe that closes at low engine speed to reduce noise, which is why no gases can been seen from the RHS pipe on tickover.
The valev can be disconected quite easily by unplugging the solenoid that controls it, if you want to restore flow to both pipes :D

FYI I also noticed one of the cars tested on TG last night (Masarati?) had a similar valve, but it was hooked up to the 'sports mode' button :lol:
Steve White

This thread was discussed on 27/06/2005

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