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MG MGF Technical - mgtf fog lihgts

hi can anybody help with wiring trying to fit fog lights to my mgtf the wiring loom iam useing is from rover 400 i have done red/yellow wire to back of fuse board conected earth wire but still have a red/blk cable and red/white wire and a blue/red wire to connect but do not know where also only have black wire and red/black to light switch only.thanks peter
p gibb

First what year is your Tf. The early models had the fog wiring integrated into the loom even if the spots were not fitted. You can check this as there will be two connectors taped up below the head lights. Fuse 26 will be fitted, There will be a relay connector taped up behind the passenger airbag and a green connector taped up behind the bank of switches on the console. The colours on the 400 loom that I have seen are different from the colours on the Tf, so the RY on the 400 goes from the relay to the switch not to the fuse board. The WR goes from the relay to the passenger compartment fuse box on the 400 . The RB goes from the switch to the header unit which connects to the passenger compartment fuse box. The UR goes from the lamps to the relay and the spare UR goes to the multi function unit. The relay and switch and fogs are earthed. You need to be careful as you could end up with a fire. The TF requires an in line fuse between the fogs and the relay. Do you have the wiring diagram for the TF?

hi thanks for your reply car is 02 reg have not got wiring diagram so it is all guess work i have a mgf with
fog lights have checked this wiring but is completly different so this did not help i have tried every where to obtain diagram to help but to no avail

if its 02 then the wiring shoud be there already

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