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MG MGF Technical - MGTF is still an MGF ;) SURVEY !!


no flames, just an information about history and identification of MGF and mgtf.

Did you know the MGTF has this plate weld to the boot engine wall on the left top behind the carpet ?

ROVER MGF !!! (it's a late MGTF in X-Power gray)

Second row seams to be a sequence number of the body works.
The current total of app. 120.000 MGF/TF would fit to a count of 20.000 LHD drive cars and additional 100.000 of RHD cars.

Third row is obviously the part number of a RHD body.

BTW the VIN has no relation to any of this numbers.
Means it's fugures are different.

Late MGF bodies with LHD steering have the part number

Such plates is missing at early MGF.

Anyone out there who knows when got this plate introduced ?
I assume in 1997 ...

The question is, when did MGR start to add the bidy sequence number mark to the Engine rear wall behind the boot carpet ??

VIN below 4200 haven't got it.
But VIN between AD005000 and VIN AD016000
Can any of you out there look up ?

Dieter K.

Hi Dieter

Just looking in my handbook to see if it had any info on what was due on the second service and on page 89 it shows the "BODY NUMBER PLATE" in the boot. and also shows another one under the bonnet by the vin plate.....
Ron TF160

Can't remember my VIN off hand and off on hols this weekend, but will try and have a look at lunchtime.
David Mills


No plate in engine compartment on my F. The vin number is 36634 and date of registration was 01/05/1998.

I've double checked the handbook, (p101 inmine) and it only gives 3 locations for the vin:- on a plate under bonnet opposite side to battery; stamped on bodywork adjacent to the horns, on a plate visible through the bottom left, (when sitting in the car) of the windscreen.



*g*, nice BRG coloured with leather :)

Is it an Abingdon Edition with beige hood ???

>No plate in engine compartment on my F.

No, of course not in the engine compartment.
In the boot, left hand behind the boot carpet.

btw. my usual site is unavailiable currently.
Temporary link until the other works again.
collects VIN's.
Dieter K.

Dieter ,
My 2001 MGF Chassis no. comes up as an MGTF.
Interesting !
R J Hemphill

Not sure whether you are going to get a satisfactory answer to be honest Dieter. That registration plate may simply say 'MGF' because the factory couldn't justify the cost of making a new stamping tool that says TF! LOL
Rob Bell

Back in blighty for the week

Took the ZTV8 in for a few Mods

BTW did you know that Caterpiller make the exhausts on them?

Borrowed a brand new ...well 1600 mile TF160 and the differences in feel between this an my old F are quite profound

the ride is very different , bit crashy, the steering utterly different, much better, the seats are way too high, much worse.
handling and torsional stiffness seem a hell of a lot better too.
Engine very revvy and powerful but the Mems systems tends to hold the revs too long

Naaa the TF is a very different car from the F, despite this plate


Hi Dieter, your not far from the truth. I recently took part in one of these car surveys and dropped a mail to the organisers asking why the TF is always grouped together with the F, rather than being added as a model in its own right.
The response I got was that the MG registered the TF with the 'motoring authorities' as a MK3 MGF and not a separate model, so all TF's are actually MGF's LOL
Steve White

Is their a Rover 200 badge giving the game away in every ZR?

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