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MG MGF Technical - MGTF Smoother Ride

Now had my 2004 TF for a couple of months and very happy with it I am. As it is our every day car my wife finds it a little hard and choppy on local back roads and I am thinking that maybe change the shock absorbers to give a softer smoother ride. Sports performance is less of an issue. (We also have a 1971 midget)
Any advice/suggestions would be most welcome.
C Martin

How does he ride compare to your Midget Colin?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Bob, in a lot of ways its similar, great on smooth roads, corners very well with no body roll. Its just on our local roads with all the patches after last winters damage it can feel a bit choppy and hard. When the wifes been "spoilt" with the previous merc and audi a softer ride than the Midget would be good. I understand the MGF was softer, but that the mgtf was required to be more sporty. As I said, sporty is not my need, its really the 2 up top down bit we like. (Got a hard top for the winter though)

Colin (MGTF, Midget and a Lomax 223 - how much fun do I get then !!)
C Martin

Change the dampers - the factory items are rather cheap and nasty I am afraid, but the guys who developed the suspension wanted to use more expensive Bilsteins. Fortunately these are now available in the correct specs on the aftermarket - either from the MGOC or from Vehicle Handling Solutions (the chaps who designed the TF suspension in the first place!)

I've not done a back to back road test myself, but from what I've been told, the change is like chalk and cheese. Not a cheap solution, but worth every penny. With the Bilsteins on my MGF, I find this very easy to believe.
Rob Bell

I have fitted the VHS kit with a Mike Satur Blue Spring kit, to my 2002 Stepspeed, it transforms the car, smooth at low spped and hangs on when you need it.
DIY job to fit took us 4-5 hours, with a few tea breaks, only one problem, had to grind off the nut on top of rear offside shocker.
John Watson

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