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MG MGF Technical - MGTF Sports Pack suspension

I'm asking this on behalf of a non-Internet enabled friend who owns a 2003 mgtf. He needs new front shock absorbers but he's not sure whether his car has the Sports Pack option fitted or not. Is there a quick way to identify which type of suspension he has?



Sports pack 2 consists of 16" 11 spoke wheels, big brakes with a red caliper and Goodyear tyres but no suspension mods.

Sports pack 1 had lower springs so visually the car sits lower to the ground
dave stonehouse

It is also possible to have both SP1 AND SP2 (or one or the other) - as Dave says, the ride height is the obvious difference (from memory it's 20mm lower) but you need to be a bit careful as there are aftermarket springs which lower but use the same shocks.

T Jenner

Thanks guys,
It looks like he doesn't have any Sports Pack options fitted.

Thanks for your input.

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