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MG MGF Technical - MGTF TOwbar??

Does anyone know if you can fit a towbar to an mgtf?

I can't find any info anywhere!!

Maybe that's a bad sign!

You can only get tow-bars for the MFG/TF from one source: Mike Satur. Check out his web site @

Remember that you can't tow a particular heavy weight in a light(ish) weight sportscar, but as a way of mounting bicycles, it is probably ideal. :o)
Rob Bell

There was someone who towed their classic T-Type with thier F regularly. Don't know what happened to them, this was ages ago (1996/1997 ish). This is probably at if not beyond the upper limit.

A towbar would be ideal for a jetski or similar - this is probably the sort of size trailer that'd suit an F/TF.

Scarlet Fever

This thread was discussed on 29/09/2003

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