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MG MGF Technical - MGTF VIN what stands the K for ?

Hi all,

Thanks to the not named sender of a mgtf VIN to the mad VIN collection site at

Looks quite familar and meets what was said already. (starts obviously from 2D600101)

Its a VVC due to letter 'C'.
But what means the 'K' for the engine type.
Is it anything new ?

Known for the 6th figure are from my side:
G/T/P/E/K = engine type
G = K1.8 MPi (MPi is Multi Point injection) (18K4FM23)
T = K1.8 VVC (VVC is Variable Valve Control)
P = K1.8i Trophy Engine (18K4KN6)
E = K1.6i Trophy Engine (16K4FN17)
K = ?

Dieter Koennecke

Hi Dieter,

I don't really know what the K stands for, just a thought. Maybe the have changed the letters above for all engines to reflect the new lineup. For example we have two 1.8 mpi engines now one at 120 and one at 135PS will they both get the letter G? I think all will become clearer when you collect a few more numbers!

On that note, will all you people taking TF test drives please make a note of the vin number and send it to Dieter?

Spyros Papageorghiou

Dieter your info is in conflict with mine.

1st to 5th prefix is the make and marque identifier

6th is the class

7th is body identifier

8th is the engine identifier

9th is the transmission and stering identifier

10th is model year

11th is the assembly plant.

So to transpose this would seem to show SARRD as the same as before.

W = TL5 on the old 2001 slides I have with M for TL 3 and Z for TL7. (I have no idea what this TL series refers too.)

B = convertable as before

K = the engine type which on the basis of E = 1600 4 valve, G = 1800 4 valve, P = 1800 4 valve VVC 160PS and T = 1800 4 valve 143PS, (Yes their designation of 143PS) On the basis of this and the next letter it is reasonable to expect that K = 2002 ECD3 compliant 1800 4 valve 160PS.

C = Manual RHD VVC

2 = a not unreasonable assumption of it being 2002

D = Longbridge still

Roger Parker

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