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MG MGF Technical - mgTF windstops

is TF windstop the same things that F windstop?
MG accessories depliant say about TF windstop:
... low-density nylon mesh windstop minimises buffeting around the occupants heads, yet does not impair driver rearward visibility. It is easily detachable...

I remember mgf windstop quite impair rearward visibility, and I know it was not so easily detachable.

I note that mg-rover windstop is nearer to heads than mike satur one is. Is this fact important for comfort?

Is mg-rover windstop so practicalfull like mike satur? when it's mounted, can I open rearscreen? can I move down windstop when soft-top is up?

What are the practical difference between mikesatur, mgrover and newtoncommercial ones?

should be lots of usefull info about windstops on this thread!

know somebody a picture by which I can see how to install mgrover windstop? (or how it runs)

I'd want to ownmake a windstop using plexiglass (similar to mike satur one) but that runs like mgrover one. So I need to view a fitted mgrover. (I think mikesatur windstop stay too far from occupants heads)

what do you think about chromedesing windstop?
It seems (viewing to be less dark than mgrover or newton commercial one. Is in your point of you a valid article? is it easy to remove? is have all functionality than mikesatur one (can be put down easly if softop is up, and so if softop is down?

what about it?
cn Claudio

Basically, all the windstops that fit the MGF will also fit the mgtf.

The standard MG item requires two holes to be drilled in the "T-bar" trim behind the seats. Others, from Newton Commercial (also B&G), Mike Satur etc, utilise existing mounting points, and therefore are less 'destructive'

I've not had any direct experience with the Chrom Design windstop. I am sure that it is well made though - and will probably function as well as the standard MG windstop as its construction appears to be very similar.

Making your own windstop is certainly possible: Jon sent me this design: - but there are plenty of alternative ways to achieve the same result.
Rob Bell

I'd want to create a windstop using plexiglass and built with the same system than chrome design one

so windstop woulb be near to occupants heads and not far like mikesatur is

IMO distance between the occupants head and the windstop (within reason) is not as important as height.

The higher it is the more effective it will be, but at the same time, there is a limit on how high you can go due to restrictions on the hood operation. You don't want it fouling on the hood or rear screen.

The ideal would be, a fairly high screen, with no tinting or framing that can impede rear vision. It needs to fold down and also be easily removable. It also needs to 'secret fix' with no need to drill holes or damage the existing trim. Also, if you go the plexiglass route, the angle of the screen is very important as if vertical it will reflect oncoming headlights in the rear view mirror (which is really unsettling), or if tilted too far it will reflect the sun rearwards, dazzling other motorists at certain times of the day. IMO the ideal is around 10 degree forward tilt, this means that when the sun is low enough to be reflected rearwards it is generally at it's least powerful. This is also enough to avoid the headlamp issue.

Mike's plexiglass windstop is the distance from the occupant it is because it is designed to be either a stand alone installation or be installed with his roll bars.

Hope this helps

Scarlet Fever

the distance from the wind stop to your head, how high it is, is not the main issue as we are all built diffrent,a person who is 5ft 3" would sit lower & foward than a person who is 6ft????????
p atherley

To some degreee this is true, but you need to remember that the back draft that enters the cabin is caused by a vortex from the windscreen, below a certain point the vortex will skip over the windstop into the cabin.

The ideal windstop would prevent as much of this vortex entering as possible and this goal is independant of the physical attributes of the occupants.

Scarlet Fever

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