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MG MGF Technical - milky headlight lens

I know this thread was around a couple of months ago but I would like to clarify one thing: Is it absolutely necessary to remove the bumper to take the headlamps apart or can the lens be replace without full frontal surgery?

tim woolcott

Full frontal I am afraid Tim.

headlights need to be removed to take them apart and the front bumper has to come off to remove the lights.

Undo 2 screws each side under wheel arch rims.
Undo one screw under wheel arch securing bumper valance to wing.
Undo 5 screws securing bumper to bonnet lock panel.
Prise out direction indicators using flat bladed screwdriver to spring the catches.
Behind direction indicators find 1 bolt each side which when undone releases bumper. MAKE SURE YOU SUPPORT THE WEIGHT OF THE BUMPER BEFORE UNDOING!!

Lower bumper to ground and you can now remove the lights.
Disconnect multiplug from headlight.
Remove 2 upper retaining bolts and 1 lower Torx screw.
Release headlamp from lower and side retaining clips.

7 days later it's done! :-)


Bruce Caldwell

Tim, I recently took out my lights to spray the reflectors and as far as I could see there is no way of removing the lights without taking the bumper off. Thatís the bad new, however the good news is that if you follow the instructions then its a pretty quick job, took me about 35 mins, Iíd didn't rush and I hadn't done it before. It also pretty easy (easier that I thought) to refit the bumper. Once the lights are off the car it is very easy to take the front lens off. Is it the main lens or the interior glass lens that you are concerned about? My interior lens was totally clean, however the outer lens looks slightly opaque due to the millions of tiny stone chips on it which wouldn't polish out.

Instructions for removing bumper and lights on Andy G's site:


I think Bruce may have got his instructions from the FAQ, not sure, i was only reading them yesterday and noticed that it mentions only 1 screw 'under wheel arch securing bumper valance to wing' there are however 2 each side. The second screw can be easy to miss, however you'll see its mentioned in Andy G's instructions. He jacked up the car to get to it, but i got to it ok once the wheels arch liner had been pushed back properly, helps if you have a powered screw driver. For further reference also see Andy (Scarlet F) page at:


Just a cuple of minor things. You can't remove the mulitiplug from the back of the light until you have removed the mounting bolts and rolled the light forward. By the same token remember to plug in the multiplug before you bolt the light unit back in.

Also not sure what the 'Release headlamp from lower and side retaining clips' as refered to in Bruces' instructions are, the light unit does sit in a small rubber mounting below but i can't remember any more clips, but i may be wrong. The actual front lens is held onto the main light unit with 4 clips, but note two things, 1, there are 5 spaces for clips and only 4 clips (don't ask...Rover!), and 2, the clip with the rubber pad goes uppermost to steady the bonnet i guess.

All good tips.
Bruce, I liked your reminder to support the bumper when undoing the bolts - there speaks a man from experience....!
Paul, thanks for the links too...

Thanks guys


Sorry chaps,

Copied the instructions from the manual as it's been along time since I removed my bumper. Yet another 'wrongy' in the manual. (Edition 3)

I can remove the plug from the back of my head lights without undoing anything but the plastic cover. I think you were thinking of the indicator lights?

Bruce Caldwell

No problem Bruce, you took the time to copy it out, which is great (the enthusiast thing to do!). Yes you can remove the mutiplug Bruce, as you say its a little easier again if you remove the plastic cover. Does tend to bend the plug a bit though and if you are taking the light out i'd recommed anyone to wait until the light its loose to pull the plug out, much easier again.

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