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MG MGF Technical - Mirror cheater screw caps


I seem to have lost one of the small black caps which cover the two screws on the inside of the door mirror cheater on my TF. They're either rubber or soft plastic. I can't find the part number - according to Dieter's site it might be CYC100550, BNP4107PMA or BNP4107PM but I'm not sure if they're the right thing or not! None of those codes come up on Rimmer Bros, does anyone know if they're available?

T Jenner

Just found some on ebay but they're not the original type - they seem to be shiny black plastic, think they might look a bit out of place?
T Jenner

gee is there nothing you cant on ebay
AR Cayzer


Try Mike Satur.

He normally comes up withthe goods.

Sam Murray

The part number you need is EKB100030PMA. We currently have one of these in stock according to our system.

Ralph Gadsby

This thread was discussed on 28/11/2008

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