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MG MGF Technical - Misaligned steering wheel

The steering wheel on my MGF VVC is misaligned and about 5 or so degrees to one side so the car pulls to one side when driving on a straight line.

Any ideas as to what the problem could be and how easy it is to get it fixed?

D Allison

You need 4 wheel tracking done on the car Dan. Have you hit a kerb recently?
Blue Pocket Rocket

Thanks. I haven't hit a kerb that I know of, but I'm not the only one who drives the car.
Is this a big/expensive job?
D Allison

It's not a lot unfortunately I haven't got a price because it was included in my last service. It's worthwhile getting done asap to prevent excessive tyre wear.
Blue Pocket Rocket

A misaligned stearing wheel will not make the car pull.

Options include a 'flat' tyre, bad tracking, worn bushes, worn bearing, sticking brakes, bad road surface*.

The wheel should end up straight if you get the tracking done - and all of the above should be obvious, but you must fix them before getting the tracking done or it will effect the outcome.

Will Munns

This thread was discussed on 07/07/2005

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